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5 Retro Technologies Making A Huge Comeback

Nostalgia is more than just a sentimental yearning. Today, it’s now a marketing tool that rakes in a considerable number of leads and sales. Many brands have exhausted this strategy on their various campaigns and ended up victorious.

However, no amount of promotion could topple or even go head-to-head with an intense need. Surprisingly, there is a growing demand for these supposedly outdated technologies. Hence, they are making a huge comeback, whether it involves an intense longing or not.

Here are five retro technologies that continue to thrive in today’s generation.

Vinyl Record Players

There are many great reasons why vinyl remained strong through the years. First is the high-quality sound it produces. Unlike a digital copy, analog-recorded music did not undergo several file conversions, keeping its perfect symphony. Thus, album enthusiasts and collectors would not miss out on hearing their favorite songs on this platform.

Another reason is a stereo cabinet’s versatile design that works great with vintage and contemporary home interior. Even if you are not sure of a room’s theme, a vinyl record player on a stand or counter can radiate its own flair.

The feel of lowering down the tonearm, so it kisses the vinyl disc on the turntable is such a relaxing experience. Listening to a piece of turntable music is something you would do while enjoying the free time you reserved for yourself or with a partner. The entire investment on the record player itself and replacement styli will all be worth it.

Polaroid Cameras

Thanks to the generation obsessed with taking photos, camera apps and accessories continue to boom. Although Instagram and other social media photo-sharing platforms almost killed their hard copy counterparts, the charm of instant printouts remains.

However, the polaroid cameras of today can do more. Now, it can save digital copies so you can transfer them to your other devices. Moreover, the latest models can print your shots with filters already added. Many photography stans would find them amazing!

Fax Machines

When we first realized that fax machines came back into some offices, we admit that we couldn’t help but raise our eyebrows. Why would a paperless environment go back to a more costly way of sending communications?

When we heard that Sony executives used them again after hackers leaked highly confidential info about Spider-Man and some other private emails, we immediately realized that other companies would use them again. And we’re right about that!

Flipping Phones

While Japan still uses flipping phones on a large scale, the rest of the world has moved on with a more innovative mobile device generation. In the process, we missed the stylish way of flipping a Motorola phone and that snapping sound after using them.

But here comes the idea of merging styles, features, and functionality that gave way to the reemergence of flipping phones. This time, the manufacturers found a way to fold the screen, just like how it works with the Samsung Galaxy Z flip.

Retro Consoles

With the introduction of VR comes more realistic games and groundbreaking devices like golf simulators, flight simulators, Tesla Suit, and more. However, this didn’t stop Nintendo from re-releasing their old consoles like the Family Computer, NES, and more. These retro gaming devices still sold millions proving that these 2D games like Super Mario Bros are timeless, must-play amusements.

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