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How does Steam Link work? – Play on TV, Input Devices, and More

How does Steam Link work? – Play on TV, Input Devices, and More

How does Steam Link work

How does Steam Link work? The base of this system is a PC, and you need to have your gaming PC running, running, and with the Steam application open.

Basically, the game will run on your PC, and your computer’s hardware will be responsible for making it work, so the performance you will get will depend on it.

How it works and what you need to play on TV?

  • In different words, Steam Link consists of streaming from your PC to your TV or Android device, but with an essential modification compared to simple streaming: controller support.
  • Generally, when you stream from one device to another, the message is unidirectional. That is, you see what occurs on a computer elsewhere.
  • However, Steam Link potentials that you will be able to play on the TV in the room. So you will necessarily need to connect the gamepad to that other device.
  • And there must be two-way communication so that the controller’s actions. Are sent to the PC running Steam.
  • Therefore, at the hardware level, Steam Link needs the getting device (the TV, Raspberry, Android terminal, etc.)
  • To be able not to receive the program data but also to send it, either with the remote control connected or via the touch screen of mobile terminals.
  • Of course, it also needs to have network components, as all transmission is done over your home LAN.

What do you need to make it work?

As we said before, Steam Link was initially a hardware device in itself, but Valve decided to stop it and turn this system into a mere application. Therefore, the requirements you have are as follows:

  • A PC with Steam running.
  • A TV or screen capable of operating with a minimum resolution of 720p.
  • That equally devices are connected to the same resident net, whether wired or wireless.
  • An input device, which can be a supervisor or an Android terminal with a touch screen.
  • Affording to Valve, Steam Link is natively compatible with many Samsung Smart TVs.

With regard to input devices, Valve’s official compatibility list is as follows:

  • Steam controller.
  • Official Xbox One wired controller.
  • However, Xbox One S controller (wired or wireless using Bluetooth).
  • Official Xbox One Elite 2 controller (wired or wireless using Bluetooth).
  • Also, Xbox 360 controller (wired or wireless using the wireless adapter).
  • Official SONY Dualshock 4 remote control (wired or wireless using Bluetooth).
  • Official Nintendo Switch Pro controller (wired only).
  • Logitech Wireless F310, F510, and F710.
  • Razer Kishi and Raiju.
  • SteelSeries Stratus Duo.
  • USB keyboard and mouse.

In essence, you will need to configure your PC to act as a Steam Link server (it is called Remote Play on Steam).

And you will need a device compatible with the Steam Link application to connect your controller, keyboard, or mouse to play.

If you want to know how to configure everything, we have a complete tutorial on Steam Link.

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