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5 Free Android Emulators for Brawl Stars

5 Free Android Emulators for Brawl Stars

Android emulators took the internet by storm when they were released to the public a few years ago. It was a remarkable launch of different soft wares that will let you play mobile games on your big computer screen making up most of your hardware. Android emulators also bought relief for those people who have low-end PC and they are unable to play most of the heavy PC games. Mobile gaming is emerging and has potential in this gaming industry. People are in spree to develop their own games and if you too are, hire android app developer in India. With news games launched every day it is hard for most of the games to maintain their rank and being always a trending game for years.  Let’s talk about Brawl stars which is a 3v3 multiplayer game that you can play with your friends and solo.

It has amazing levels and different modes that make this game so addictive and fun. You will get different skins and brawlers with unique abilities. Brawl Stars is one of those games that has constantly evolved after its launch. There are dozens of brawlers with super abilities that you can unlock to upgrade your rank. More than that there are Star Powers and Gadgets that you can unlock too. Collect different unique skins to stand out or show off. Discover a variety of mysterious locations in the universe of brawlers. Complete different quests of the game and open up different brawl boxes. You can earn Gems, pins, and some of the exclusive Brawl Pass skins. Become the greatest brawl stars of your local and regional leaderboard by pushing your rank or level. Every season is filled with amazing fresh content and mesmerizing features that you can’t get your hands off. Look out for special events and game modes in the future.

Android Emulators

Playing Brawl stars on PC have tons of advantages and features that you will love. Brawl stars is a classic MOBA game that requires you to analyze your enemies’ defense or attack strategies. Playing it on a big screen gives you a head start. Don’t let your hands be limited to the tiny screen of your phone. Although it is a game developed exclusively for mobile phones several people are playing it on their big computer screens and streaming the gameplay over various streaming platforms. With a fast and accurate controller, your will be much better than your tiny phone screen. Playing brawl stars on PC is more flexible and smooth to run. With the power of GPU or graphic card, players can view the detailed features of their characters.

Playing Brawl stars on Emulator:

You can play Brawl stars with many android emulators that are available for you on the internet but have narrowed down some of the best android emulators that are available for you to play nearly any mobile game like Brawl stars with ease and fun. Here is a list of 5 android emulators that you can install on your PC to play Brawl stars online on your PC.


Android Emulators

LDplayer has been the number choice of most of the users out there. LDPlayer has been downloaded millions of times and there are millions of active users on this android emulator on daily basis. LDPlayer is easy and simple. The unique interface makes it simpler. It is suitable for most users. If you have a low-end PC and thinking about playing brawl stars on a big screen then LDPlayer should be your number 1 choice. It was made for a low-end PC and it is easy to install. All you need is just one click away. LDPlayer will make the most of the hardware to give you a lag-free gaming experience. You can customize your game settings and can customize your CPU, RAM, or screen resolution. With tons of cool features that’s why we have placed LDPlayer in first place in this list of the android emulators for Brawl Stars on PC.


Bluestacks was probably one of the pioneer android emulators that have been in the market for a very long time. Blue stacks have had many versions in the past. Blue stacks is in second place in this list because of its speed and customization. Customization is probably one of the main highlights of this android emulator. Bluestacks is also trusted by many users. One of the cool features of blue stacks is that you can connect it with your stream or can stream directly from the emulator. Bluestacks is fast and lightweight, probably made for low-end PCs.

MEMU Play:

Android Emulators

MEMU play is in third place in this list because of its cool features. MEMU play claims to be one of the top android emulators with a whopping 100 million active users but it has some mixed reviews. MEMU play does provide awesome gameplay but there is some room for errors and that’s why they are constantly upgrading.


Gameloop is the newest and more recent android emulator introduced to the public. With support for online battle royale games like PUBG Mobile Gameloop is filled with tons of features. Some of the users find the interface of Gameloop unpleasant, boring, or complicated but surely it is competing with one of the best android emulators on the internet that’s why it is on the 4th spot in this list.

Nox Player:

Nox player has never failed to surprise but there are so many things that Nox player needs to improve. But it can play some of the games with lightning speed. You can surely play Brawl stars with ease.

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