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What is Twitch? – Twitch Prime, Users, and More
What Is

What is Twitch? – Twitch Prime, Users, and More

What is Twitch

What is Twitch – It is a free live video streaming platform for both streamers (those who broadcast their live shows) and viewers.

Twitch is a social network like YouTube, open to everyone, where you can see people live, fake live, play video games, give cooking classes, or play the piano.

How many users does Twitch have?

  • The number of users grows and seems to have no ceiling thanks to its ease of streaming:
  • Internet and a computer.
  • Last year the number of unique transmissions exceeded 180 million.
  • They say that Rome wasn’t built i n a day, and neither was.
  • If you don’t know what it is, reading this mega guide will understand the popularity. And the growth of this platform for streamers and viewers.

Where to watch Twitch?

The leading live streaming platform has different ways of viewing:

In an internet browser:

Twitch works on its Twitch. Tv website in any of the browsers: Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.
In your app:

  • The Twitch app is available for free on both iOS and Android. You can download it here
    In-game consoles.
  • Both on the latest generation consoles (Xbox One and PS4) and the previous generation (Xbox 360 and PS3), you can enjoy streaming.

Other platforms:

If you have them, Roku (the streaming platform on TV), Amazon TV, or Google Chromecast.

What is Twitch Prime?

If you have Amazon Prime, you will know where the shots go. Prime is bundled with Amazon Prime and Prime Video.

It gives you the ability to subscribe to a channel once a month at no additional cost and thus support your favorite streamer.

Twitch Prime comes with additional perks like:

  • Access to specific games and content, loot giveaways, exclusive emotes, chat color options. And the members-only Prime chat badge.

Plus, you can keep your old streams on for 60 days instead of the usual 14 days.
Subscriptions on Twitch:

  • The first of all is to differentiate between following and being a subscriber within Twitch.
  • Continue you will be able to watch the streams without any problem
  • Subscribing is a payment you make to support your streamer and have certain advantages: subscriber emblem, talking privately with the streamer, etc.
  • Twitch subscription price: There are three different subscription prices: $ 4.99, $ 9.99, and $ 24.99.

Some advantages of subscribing to Twitch :

  • Watch the streams without ads that interrupt your broadcast.
  • Use exclusive content in emoticons, an emblem in the chat to identify who you are as subscribers—different color palettes.
  • Download games for free.

How does Twitch work?

Once the presentations are made, we will get into the crumb; how does it work?

The first thing is to see your main screen, what the platform presents to you as soon as you enter its website.

You do not need an account or registration to start watching videos or direct.

You take popcorn, and you go in, you select the streaming you want to watch and enjoy.

Twitch Home:

  • You can see the name of the channel, a short description, the number of viewers, and the language in which it broadcasts.
  • If you keep scrolling, you will find live channels and that may interest you—categories or gutters that are broadcasting that are trending: Valorant or Fortnite.
  • It is similar to the slider, but with less information, you cannot see the live without entering, and you do not know what the content is about.

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