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What Royal Mail Services Can Be Effectively Used Through Your Franking Machine?
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What Royal Mail Services Can Be Effectively Used Through Your Franking Machine?

Franking machines have offered the ultimate postage solutions. Integrating it opens the door to many added advantages. Along with a seamless user experience and mitigation of performing the mundane tasks manually, incorporating mail-marked machines gives users access to hundreds of Royal Mail services. The franking machine allows any business space to be converted into a post office!

Many users are not aware of the added Royal Mail services served on a silver platter. Note that the services can differ depending on the location.

The basic services offered to its users are stated below.

Carrying out postage within the UK

Because mailing is widely used in the country, numerous benefits and services are listed below.

First Class Mail

This service allows the user to deliver any form of letter or parcel to the recipient the following day, hence classed as first. Note that the only criterion that needs to be met is that the deliverable shouldn’t weigh more than twenty kilograms. Plus, this service is accessible to all the mail-marked users all year round except for the bank holidays and Sundays. Users can get an added discount on outsourcing bulk mail.

Second Class Mail

The most popularly utilised Royal Mail service is the Second Class Mail. It mitigates additional costs by 30 percent as compared to first-class mail. Plus, it also gives a provision of an added discount while mailing in bulk. Users can deliver any letter or parcel within 3 business days, given the weight is not more than twenty kilos.


SignedFor is a service that can be integrated with first or second-class mail. Its primary function is to confirm the arrival of the postage. Royal Mail does not deliver any parcel without signage; hence it is a credible way of giving reassurance. The charge for integrating SignedFor service is 1 pound for letters and 1.15 pounds for a parcel. Note that while sending out a package that is SignedFor, it is crucial to affix a SignedFor label and barcode along with it.

Special Delivery

The special delivery service streamlines the delivery procedure more accurately. It allows the user to enter the chosen time of delivery, which is guaranteed. This service is used if the required time of arrival is before 9 am or 1 pm. Plus, this service even offers compensation of up to 2500 pounds in the case of a damaged or lost deliverable.

Carrying out postage internationally

Franking machines give a provision of posting letters and parcels internationally. The service is segregated into three zones – Europe, World Zone 1, and World Zone 2. Note that while airmailing the package, it is crucial to write “ By Air Mail” on the top left corner of the deliverable.

International Standard

International standard is a credible service for carrying out the delivery of letters and parcels. The price ranges from 1.15 pounds a letter to 5 pounds for a parcel. Although, this service doesn’t accompany any tracking facility.

International Tracked

Along with the provision of carrying out the delivery, international tracked service renders end-to-end tracking. The Royal Mail tracking number is used to confirm the arrival of the package. Since this service is available for some countries, it is advisable to do a run-through of the Royal Mail listing. Tracking an item is only possible through Royal Mail after attaching the barcode to the item.

International Signed

This service is very similar to the one provided by SignedFor. Using the Royal Mail tracking number generates proof of delivery. It is crucial to affix the P4723 label along with the barcode to the deliverable. Then an entry of the same should be made into the Special delivery book.

International Tracked and Signed

The service not only offers end-to-end tracking but also collects the signature of the recipient on the arrival of the package. Note that this service also offers compensations of different prices depending on the deliverable in the case of any lost mail. To ensure the delivery, the item needs to be recorded in the Royal Mail. Affixing the P6696 along with the barcode and entry in the special delivery book allows the same. But, this particular service may not be available in every country, so it is preferable to check the Royal Mail listing.

Parting words

Many users are not aware of the services that come along with installing a mail-marked franking machine. Stated above are just the basic facilities. Why miss out on the added advantages?

Along with streamlining the irritable five-step procedure of sending postage, it helps an organisation incur profits by being cost-effective and productive. Features like high-tech data security, accurate and precise barcoding, and automating manual procedure has made mailing highly effective.

As it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, a franking machine fits well with all forms of industries.


Review What Royal Mail Services Can Be Effectively Used Through Your Franking Machine?.

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