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Wedding Photography Styles and Types You Should Know Before Hiring a Photographer

Wedding Photography Styles and Types You Should Know Before Hiring a Photographer

We all know that traditional wedding photography is passé, and a thing of the past. But what about pre-wedding shoots? Post-wedding photos in candid style or photojournalistic styles – are you looking for some variety on your big day!?! It’s important to understand which type reflects who YOU really ARE as individuals before interviewing photographers so don’t be caught off guard when choosing between different types because they may not always fit together seamlessly after all (or at least most couples want them seamless!).

There are many different types of wedding photography, but you don’t want to just stick with one style. Having an all-American classic affair or a more abstract modern shot is something that will make your day special for years after it’s over!

You may be wondering what type would be best suited for yours–let me break them down:

Regular Wedding Photography

A wedding is a lifetime event that deserves to be documented. It has everything from start to finish: the band playing, people dancing in their seats or on stage with friends and family members alike- it’s an emotional rollercoaster for everyone! You will cherish these memories forever by having your entire marriage filmed as well so you can watch them anytime you want; what better gift than oneself?

Making sure every moment of this special occasion goes down perfectly captured into video format ensures there won’t ever come any regrets later when life becomes too busy again without someone who loves us just because we’re missing out on important moments.

Pre and post Wedding Photography

Pre and post wedding shoots are more personal than the traditional form of photography. They focus on an intimate relationship between two people, rather than a whole ceremony or reception complete with guests. This allows modern couples to be themselves without feeling self-conscious about what they’re wearing in front of everyone else as well!

Pre/Post Wedding photoshoots capture true emotions from stored up jitters during weddings: The bride’s nerves before walking down aisle; groom shaving off facial hair for the second time ever because he wants everything just right – these shots let them show their real selves.

Drone Photography

Drones are a great tool for capturing the aerial view of your wedding and giving it that elusive, wild feel. This is especially helpful if you’re planning on having an outdoor ceremony or reception in front of nature’s beauty; drones will allow us to see things from higher up than we could with just our human eyes!

The use cases for this type of wedding photographer Las Vegas cover everything from unique angles during sunset shots, capturing all sorts of landscapes including mountainsides covered by snowcapped peaks and even getting dramatic photos taken while high atop mountains.

Let’s have a look on some popular wedding photography styles too:

Traditional Photography

The oldest form of wedding photography. This style provides a stiff and formal feel that takes us back in the days before our parent’s weddings, with all those classic poses you’ve come to know from your childhood memories-the ones where everyone was painfully posed for pictures instead of having fun! Though contemporary styles are taking over as most popular nowadays among newlyweds today, some couples still like including traditional photos into their albums because they’re just too gorgeous not to try.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

One of the most sought-after styles by soon-to-wed couples, photojournalistic wedding photography captures perfect moments with a watchful eye. This type doesn’t let you feel its presence yet still manages to capture all that is beautiful on your big day and can be easily missed in more formal and structured types of pictures like portraits or receptions where guests are expected to wear their Sunday finest attire!

Lifestyle Photography

The photographer will work with you to create a style that suits your personality and preferences. This means giving some direction, or letting the bride-to-be decide on her own terms; it also includes input from both parties in deciding what type of photos they want taken during pre-wedding activities like photo shoots at home together before guests arrive as well as more formal shots throughout events such an outdoor cocktail hour where we are able to capture beautiful candid moments without having anyone worrying about hiding behind flowers because someone might walk into shot!

Vintage Photography

Creating a photorealistic album is tricky. You don’t want your photos to be fake, but you also don’t want them all natural either because that would take away from the vintage feel of it! The best thing if considering this style for those who are not sure what they’re looking at when viewing their own images or even just browsing online galleries – make sure there aren’t any obvious effects like lenses flaring light toward subjects in certain pictures which can ruin everything about how “real” these photographs actually feel once viewed up close.

Fine Art Photography

What does it take to be an artistic photographer? You need a keen eye and the ability for creative expression. As with all things, there is some subjectivity when you are dealing with art; however, this only applies in regards of style rather than what’s being shown on camera – after all we’re aiming at creating something beautiful! When mixed together these two skill sets create photographs which have both visions as well execution. But these can clash too because each person has their own ideas about how they see things differently so communication might prove difficult at times between clients looking for someone specifically “artsy” or not wanting everything super polished yet still elegant enough where people will remember your portrait afterwards even years later without ever noticing its existence.

Dramatic Style Wedding Photography

The modern fashion-inspired editorial or you can call it dramatic wedding photography style is what will make your wedding memories extraordinary. In this type of photo, there are many props and set ups that take time to do but once they’re done the final product looks simply amazing! The problem? It’s hard finding enough hours in between all those busy days at work for such an extravagant project like capturing these moments on camera – which leaves us with one choice: dedicate a whole day just so you get beautiful pictures from your big event.


Review Wedding Photography Styles and Types You Should Know Before Hiring a Photographer.

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