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5 best jobs to work as a digital nomad
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5 best jobs to work as a digital nomad

Nomads may now be found not only in the heath or tundra but all over the world, from San Francisco to Tokyo, from Oslo to Cape Town. This is possible due to a new trend known as the digital nomad lifestyle.

If you hear this concept for the first time, then this article is definitely for you. Today we will tell you who digital nomads are and what professions are most suitable for this lifestyle.

Who are digital nomads?

Digital nomads are those who do not have a fixed location of employment and combine their activity with frequent travel throughout the world. All they need is a laptop, smartphone, WiFi access, and a profession suitable for remote work.

Being a virtual nomad entails adopting a new perspective on time, place of living, employment, personal and professional connections. Nomads dislike going to the workplace, don’t take out mortgages or loans, don’t purchase outrageously costly items and equipment, prefer sports in nature rather than fitness clubs, and seek adventure rather than watching TV.

They are not limited by office hours, although they may stick to an 8-5 or 9-6 work schedule, but by their curiosity and passion for research. According to digital nomad stats, there are more than 15.5 million people in the USA only who devote their lives to the style of digital nomadism.

Freelancers, remote employees, and entrepreneurs become nomads. More often, they work in programming, design, news and entertainment, marketing, and consulting. Well, let’s talk about this in more detail.

5 most demanded digital nomads’ professions

 1. Digital marketing specialist

A professional who is responsible for promoting products on the network. A digital marketer is in charge of conducting market research and selecting appropriate methods to increase revenue. They are also involved in the deployment of catchy material as well as active communication.

If you are familiar with Internet marketing, influencer marketing, are attentive, purposeful, friendly, and willing to continually study, test, and master new advertising strategies, you will be successful in this field. It’s one of the most popular digital nomad jobs.

2. Graphic designer

A highly sought-after professional in today’s market, responsible for generating logos, various thematic pictures for websites, presentations, banners, flash animations, layouts for printed advertising materials, and so on. If you enjoy visuals and anything related to them, this is undoubtedly your specialty. Furthermore, there is space for expansion in this field. You may model everything from regular business cards and advertising posters to building websites.

3. Photographer

An Internet photographer is a specialist engaged in the remote processing of illustrations. To ensure that the photographs on the site are of excellent quality and unique, the remote photographer must edit them properly. In the beginning, you can process photos for stocks like Shutterstock – this is the best place to improve your skills. Sometimes a remote photographer can perform tasks to photograph certain objects for an online store.

To be a successful photographer as a digital nomad, you need to confidently use photo editors, understand the basic rules of photography, but it is not necessary to own professional photo equipment – today, you can get high-quality pics even with an iPhone.

4. Video editor

In the era of YouTube blogs, podcasts, Tiktok, and Instagram reels, video editor services are in demand all over the world. This specialist collects stories into a single picture, removes everything superfluous, creates transitions – literally “sticks together” the video. Thanks to the key person in post-production, films, advertising, clips, trailers, and videos for social media take on the final look.

Video editing is a rather painstaking process that requires perseverance and concentration. And from the tools, you need only a powerful laptop with a good video card, multifunctional video maker, and a sense of beauty.

5. Copywriter


A writer’s primary responsibility is to compose news and advertising texts for numerous blogs, websites, and social media websites, as well as to generate effective slogans. SEO promotion studios, business owners, online bloggers, and others are in need of high-quality written material.

This task is for you if you have a solid command of the language, a large vocabulary, and a nice style, you are a great storyteller, and you know how to entice an audience with words. Today, practically every website needs engaging and valuable professional material, so you may simply pick topics of interest.

Bonus tips on becoming a digital nomad

  • Being a digital nomad is like having a dream job: you can choose when and how much to work. You can work for several customers at the same time and choose projects yourself. The most awesome thing is that you can find completely unexpected orders. Where to find work?
  • Freelancer – the largest network for everyone
  • Fiverr – in addition to vacancies, you will find free courses for freelancers
  • WriterAccess – website for writers
  • Upwork – there are many vacancies for any profession
  • Designhill – for designers
  • Skyword – for content makers and marketing specialists
  • Remove all obstacles on the way. Get out of debt – don’t leave for another country with an unfinished loan or unpaid Internet. Also, save up enough money, even if you’re just a remote worker and not a freelancer. You may not have projects for a whole month, or you will be fired, or you will end up in a hospital in a foreign country. What if you urgently need to fly home from the Philippines? Either way, you’ll need savings. Passive income can help, investing in mutual funds with the help of Stock rover, read Stock rover review they have a Coverage of 4000 ETFs and 40,000 mutual funds.
  • Sell all unnecessary things. And even those that seem necessary. Going nomad means being minimalists at your core. Many things simply do not fit in a suitcase. So you need to take only crucial things, although mastering this skill will take time. And if you have your own apartment, it’s a good idea to rent it out. Ideally – to your acquaintances or friends.
  • Download a work planner. It seems as if you will keep yourself toned, but working in an unknown country means constantly suppressing the desire to see something, go somewhere, drop into the nearest bar or museum. With a work planner, it will be easier.
  • Prepare yourself for the trip. Check the expiration date of the passport. To enter most countries, you must have 6 months left before the deadline. And go to the doctor even if nothing hurts. Of course, you will take out insurance in any case, but for example, a dentist will not be included in it.


Wrap up

Wrap up

Remember, being a digital nomad is not just a week-long vacation, it’s a way of life. If you are just about to delve into digital nomadism, then know that working and traveling is not as easy as it seems. Increase the pace gradually. As for travel, you should not immediately go abroad for a long time, but try to live in some country for a month or two to understand for yourself what it is like to be a digital nomad. Suppose, you’ll like it! Good luck!

Review 5 best jobs to work as a digital nomad.

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