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Ways Your Local Business Can Use Google to its Full Advantage

Ways Your Local Business Can Use Google to its Full Advantage

Traditional storefront businesses are getting the attention they need online through Google. By having a website, your local business can reach out to more customers, even clients that are beyond your local area. But it’s not just a matter of being online, being on Google.

It’s all about getting ahead of your local competitors, keeping your business on top of search results pages. When your business is easily searchable, you’re set to boost your reach online and beyond.

Why Use Google for Your Local Business?

Google has dominated worldwide web searches as the most popular search engine. According to a Statista report, Google had an 86.64% market share in September 2021 while Bing was only around 7%. Since the launch of Google Search more than 20 years ago, people relied on Google more than any other search engine.

This is why getting your business on Google is like opening an online storefront. Your local business will be within reach of not just customers from your community or area. You’ll be showcasing your brand, products, or services to people everywhere!

Claim and Manage Your GMB Listing

GMB or Google My Business is your special free listing on Google. Getting listed on GMB allows your customers to find you through Search and Maps. Your GMB listing is only for your business in a specific area. If you have other locations, you need to create, claim, and manage a GMB listing for each one.

With your business listed in GMB, you’ll have a page all for you that has your business information like your

  • Business name
  • Business type
  • Star ratings
  • Short overview or description
  • About section
  • Business information – address, phone number, website, business hours, and photos
  • Menu (for restaurants, cafes, fast food, and other food service businesses)
  • Questions & answers
  • Reviews

As your GMB connects to Maps, there is also a Directions button on your listing. Clicking this will take your customers to your Maps page with specific directions from their location to your business. Customers can click on different routes that Maps has laid out for them.

As you can see, your GMB is a comprehensive listing that takes advantage of the power of Google to help customers find you online. Make the most out of your GMB to enhance your visibility, credibility, and accessibility online and offline.

  • Update your GMB listing profile as necessary.
  • Include special business hours such as holiday hours, or business disinfection times.
  • Add relevant, high-quality photos, videos, or 360-degree views of your business.
  • Add your social media pages to your GMB listing.
  • Ask your customers to leave a review and rating.

Let Your Customers Call Your Business Directly

Google has integrated digital with traditional marketing through its call-only campaign. This means, your customers can instantly reach your business using a call-only feature on your GMB or Google Ads.

This method is easy, seamless, and time-saving. Your customers won’t have to go through your website, pass landing pages, and find your contacts page. Studies show that businesses tend to lose more customers this way! With a call-only setup, your customers see your ad or your GMB listing, call your business, and buy your products or your services.

Zero In On Your Local Area

Google My Business helps enhance traffic to your local business. Aside from your phone number, your business address is very important. You must use all the ad extensions that are relevant to your business in your Google Ads. This improves your local presence and motivates your prospects to check your business through your location, phone number, and other business details.

You should also use site links and call-out extensions to include your discounts, deals, and special offers. Also, linking your contact page and other important pages to your Google My Business profile and Google Ads can improve your local ranks.

Another way to zero in on your local customers is to use the Locations setting in your GMB. From the locations tab, you can select your serviceable areas. Choose your current city and include those located nearby. You can also refine your location targets through the  Advanced Search feature which creates a specific serviceable radius.

Using Location Targeting

Many businesses mistake targeting a very big or very tiny area, missing the opportunity to meet new customers. Remember, your customers won’t go too far to check out what you have to offer. There are many ways to find your brick-and-mortar shop, even if you have multiple business locations. By duplicating your marketing campaigns and using area-specific changes to your keywords and ad texts.

From Google Ads, look for your marketing campaigns and click settings and “Locations.” Target the region, city, or postal card from the locations tab. Enhance location targeting through the “Advanced Search” tab.

Make The Most Out Of Local Search Ads

Local Search Ads is a new tool found in Google Maps. This helps businesses become more accessible during times when customers are looking for specific things such as a place to eat dinner or a laundry shop.

This feature is integrated into the new Maps and drives traffic to a business’s physical store. Included in the Local Search Ads feature are new promotional pins, business pages (easy to customize), promotions offered in-store, and updated local inventory searches.

With the Local Search Ads feature, users can still use Maps efficiently as the ads will never obstruct the user’s view. These ads will be easy to check whether a user is on a smartphone, desktop, tablet, or the Expanded Maps from

Other changes to Google Maps also help boost local business sales, drive more foot traffic, and highlight any special offer from their store.  If your business is focused on a highly-competitive city like San Diego then you must take advantage of a San Diego marketing agency for your digital marketing needs. According to Digital Authority Partners, hiring a local marketing agency means you have an expert handling your campaigns using the most updated and relevant strategies.

Final Words

With these techniques, you can maximize Google tools and features to help you boost your business. With your local business on Google, you’ll be closer to your local customers, partners, and prospects. . Highlight your brand, show everyone your quality products or services, and enjoy newfound attention online by taking advantage of Google’s wide reach and great tools.

Review Ways Your Local Business Can Use Google to its Full Advantage.

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