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What is the scope of the CBAP course in 2022
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What is the scope of the CBAP course in 2022

Are you a business Analyst looking for career growth within your organization? Do you want to earn a globally recognized certification to apply to an MNC? Have you plans to master Business Analysis skills that align with the high standards of the IIBA? You need to look no further. This CBAP certification does all of the above. The course prepares you for the CBAP examination and success in all areas of Business Analysis.

The CBAP helps you master critical Business Analysis skills, including planning, strategy analysis, business process management, and the design of business solutions. The course covers all the six knowledge areas of the BABOK Guide version 3.

The scope of Business Analysis is vast, and the demand for expert professionals is rapidly growing. Becoming a certified CBAP is advantageous for job mobility, employability, and recognition.

What is the CBAP Certification

CBAP stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional.

It is a level-3 certification provided by IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), the body of professional advancement in Business Analysis, and is recognized throughout the world. The certificate is offered upon successful completion of the CBAP exam.

Designed for Business Analysts with extensive Business Analysis experience, the CBAP essentially validates Business Analysis experience and competence. A CBAP certification on a professional resume indicates the holder is a senior Business Analyst recognized for his business acumen and rule creation in the face of business challenges. It is the ultimate validation of expertise in handling business change and complex problems during digital transformation.

A CBAP certification prepares the professional in the core BABOK knowledge areas: Business Analysis planning and monitoring, elicitation and collaboration, requirements life cycle management, strategy analysis, requirements analysis, and design definition, and solution evaluation.

Scope of the CBAP course in 2022

The scope of certification in Business Analysis is immense. Being the most recognized certificate of Professional Business Analysis in the world, CBAP is much sought-after in the industry. Candidates for CBAP are long-standing professionals with extensive job experience in Business Analysis, and they bring added value to the certification.

As the scope of the CBAP course rises, we see business Analysts already certified in CCBA (Certification of Capability in Business Analysis), non-BA consultants, product managers, testers, QA professionals, and business change managers opting for the CBAP course. The popularity of takers of CBAP stands testimony to the growing demand and need for competent Business Analysis professionals in companies.

Why are Companies Hiring Business Analysts in 2022?

So what are the main reasons companies are hiring Business Analysts, and why do we think they will continue to do so?

Business Analysts make digital transformation and change transformation easier by bridging the customer-developer gap in digital transformation projects. They help translate complex business processes during development. A skilled Business Analyst can help technical teams and other stakeholders adapt to changes more seamlessly. They are the ultimate goalkeepers of business change, enabling companies to maintain high customer satisfaction indices while fulfilling the business goals.

How to know that a CBAP Certification is worth the time and resources spend on it?

A globally recognized certification has many benefits. Besides being a key professional certificate accredited by the IIBA, the CBAP endorses your expertise in Business Analysis and helps you earn more compared to non-certified business Analysts.

Some key benefits of CBAP certification are:

  • Globally recognized Business Analysis certification.
  • Helps you to stand out among your peers.
  • Showcases professional expertise in various business domains
  • Improves your earning potential and boosts your chances of promotion at work.
  • Facilitates employability with MNCs and enterprises across the world.
  • Validates your knowledge, competencies, and work experience as a senior Business Analysis Professional.
  • Earns recognition as a senior professional in the Business Analyst community
  • Demonstrates your ability to tackle complex projects and business changes.

The career value of CBAP

Let us examine the value of CBAP certification for your career.

A CBAP certification adds credibility to your Business Analyst profile

CBAP Certification is widely recognized as the professional recognition of Business Analysis expertise. It has gained respect amongst employers and the analysis community. The knowledge and proficiency required to clear the exam have made it reliable and credible. Having this certification on your resume enhances your Business Analyst profile.

Earns you higher salaries compared to non-certified professionals

The salary survey from IIBA mentions that CBAP certified professionals earn higher than non-certified Analysts. The credibility of the issuing body IIBA is a prime reason. According to the salary survey report by IIBA, the CBAP certified professional earns an average salary of $121,364 (USD) annually. However, the non-certified Business Analyst gets an average of $104,502 (USD).

Be more career-ready in a growing domain

With most organizations preferring functional Business Analysts in senior positions, the domain of Business Analysis has become very competitive. Generalists often remain in the same job roles for years without much scope for career growth. However, a CBAP Certification gains recognition and helps the candidate get preference in hiring, promotions, and senior positions.

Have job security

With every sector experiencing a digital transformation, Business Analysts become the agents of change transformation. However, their job role cannot be automated. It requires business acumen, critical thinking skills, people skills, and the ability to communicate with technical teams, making it a solely people-oriented job. The ever-rising demand for competent Business Analysts translates into a secure employment area with highly competitive salaries.


As an existing practitioner in Business Analysis, you have exposure to the latest technologies disrupting multiple industries. As you constantly work with data, you are on top of the assigned job responsibilities. The knowledge from a certification enhances your core practice areas for self-improvement.

Business Analysts’ skills are highly transferable

The skills you learn in Business Analysis equip you for other job roles and industries. It helps to advance your career. The technical expertise you gain at work brings value to whichever organization you join, with your proficiency in business strategies, company IT architecture, process and change management, and project management. These skills are high-level capabilities that can help you land senior positions in any organization.

Some of the Practice Areas of CBAP Certified Professionals are:

  • Information Technology
  • Business Process Management
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Data Management


The scope of the Business Analyst is ever rising in India and the world. With Business Analysis integrating various operational areas of a business, the future role of the Business Analyst in change and process management cannot be overlooked.

The CBAP is a qualification that demonstrates the business analytical skills of a senior professional. This certification adds value to your years of Business Analysis job experience and adds wings to your career.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yourself an IIBA-approved CBAP certification and carve your niche in Business Analysis.

Review What is the scope of the CBAP course in 2022.

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