iPhone 11 Pro Max Price – Design, Privacy, Features, and More

iPhone 11 Pro Max Price

iPhone 11 Pro Max Price a new dual-camera system that spans a broader field of view. The fastest chip ever in a smartphone.

A battery that continues all day, so you do more and charge less. And the uppermost quality video in a smartphone “. It is how Apple presents its new smartphone and the cheapest entry of those shown.


  1. On one side the same, on the other renewed the first, the obvious: Betting one more year on it, Apple has decided to keep the Notch touch for the third time since the iPhone X premiere.
  2. At the front equal, the iPhone 11 is similar to its predecessors of 2018, but not at the rear. Since here we have that significant alteration that has given so much to talk about through the year: the famous new camera.
  3. Confirming the new arrangement, the iPhone 11 camera has a Dual square design with rounded corners, inserted in the same place as always, on the terminal’s left rear.
  4. Equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD 828 x 1792 pixels Retina Display and 19.5: 9 ratio, it features True Tune skill that adjusts the white balance to the nearby light’s color fever.
  5. And as though, the 3D Touch does not appear either. Instead, Apple has integrated Haptic Response to control the mobile with its cutoffs and intuitive setting menus.
  6. The glass on the forward-facing and back has been armor-plated through a double ion-exchange process.
  7. The iPhone 11 can boast of coming with IP68 certification, being water-resistant up to 2 meters deep for a supreme of 30 minutes, ” double than the iPhone XR.”
  8. At the audio level, the iPhone 11 incorporates ‘Audio Spatial,’ a technology that simulates surround sound so that the knowledge sounds with greater intensity, in addition to Dolby Atmos, so that the sound mingles around you in a 3D space.


  1. According to Apple, ” the facial authentication safer on a smartphone . ” iPhone 11’s Face ID lets you unlock the terminal in the blink of an eye.
  2. And it’s even more secure than Touch ID, allowing you to log in to apps, pay with Apple Pay, and access your accounts with just a glance.
  3. The best part is that all the features of the iPhone are designing to protect your info: Face ID never saves or shares a photo of you.
  4. When you send an iMessage or call on FaceTime, your data is fully encrypted; and Maps shows you the way without telling anyone where you’ve been.

Features of iPhone 11 Pro Max

Quick Charge

  • Charge the battery to 50% of its capacity in just 30 minutes with an 18W charger

WiFi 6

  • With sixth-generation WiFi networks (802.11ax), you can download gratified up to 38% quicker

LTE Gigabit Class

  • Up to 30 LTE groups for increased wandering about the creation

Shared Audio

  • You can link up to 2 pairs of AirPods or Beats headphones to the mobile

Dual SIM with eSIM

  • Which allows you to use one phone number for work and another for personal calls


A Dual Wide Angle System

  • Since the iPhone 11 is the new XR, another part evolving is its primary camera, which goes from having a Dual sensor.
  • Thanks to the new ultra-wide-angle camera, the interface shows you what is out of the frame and even allows you to photograph it. Also, recording and editing videos become just as easy as with photos.

12 megapixel Wide Angle Lens

  • As all its pixels are Focus Pixels, the new wide-angle sensor focuses up to three times faster in low light environments.

12MP Ultra Wide Angle Lens

  • This camera achieves a field of view four times wider, making it perfect for group photos, landscapes, large spaces, or scenes with moving subjects.
  • Equipped with a new Night mode, taking photos in low light is no longer taking pictures blind.
  • The new Night mode is activated automatically to get good images in very dimly lit environments, which allows you to achieve photos with more natural colors and more brightness in the image without using the flash.


Confirming that it will mount WiFi 6, the iPhone 11 ” will be 1 hour lengthier than that of the iPhone XR”. And of sequence, its price is a symbol of its intentions to be the ‘low cost’ iPhone: that is, at a more lenient price than the Best models but using practically the same technology as the A13 Bionic chipset. The prices for Spain of the device have already been revealed on Apple’s official website and are as follows depending on the capacity you choose:

  • iPhone 11 64 GB: 809 euros
  • iPhone 11 128 GB: 859 euros
  • And also, iPhone 11 256 GB: 979 euros

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