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How Often Should You Carry Out WordPress Website Maintenance?
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How Often Should You Carry Out WordPress Website Maintenance?

Establishing a company website on WordPress and maintaining one to the highest possible degree are two vastly different concepts, each with its own unique trials and requirements.

WordPress is still one of the most popular CMS available, and for good reasons, it is easy to understand, well-priced and flexible.

Maintaining a website is hard work, however, and in many instances, it requires a full-time employee to dedicate their skills to.

Here are some pointers to hopefully enable you to understand just how often you should carry out site maintenance and why it is a necessity in the modern age.

Whenever You Add Content

Adding content of any kind can affect the way a website behaves behind the scenes, so each time you incorporate a new addition to your pages, you should carry out a quick assessment to see whether or not your site is still functioning across all available platforms.

How often you should post new content is up for debate, but it ultimately comes down to what kind of site you aim to run. For example, many blog-focused websites post multiple articles every single day in the hope they will expand their reach.

Companies who are first and foremost a digital store likely won’t need to do this, instead of focusing on high-quality content that reflects their brand voice, which can often take longer to create.

A Complete Overhaul

Websites naturally tend to decrease in relevancy, functionality, and effectiveness over time, partly due to the endless advancements in technology, user expectations, and the need for new content.

A complete overhaul might need to be made every 2 or 3 years, but depending on the quality of your original web design, this can vary immensely. For example, if you outsource your WordPress website maintenance needs to a reliable company, you might not ever need to go to the extreme and undergo a complete redesign.

When Plugins Need Updating

WordPress is well-known for its seemingly endless choice of plugins, many of them being extremely helpful in terms of site maintenance and optimization.

Like all good software, they will likely need updating from time to time. Failing to recognize this can lead to some serious website malfunctions, particularly if you rely on some of their features to drive your page design.

Turning automatic updates on does not always solve the issue, as outdated code may stick around on your site. After every update, carrying out an assessment is an important part of website maintenance, so it should not be overlooked if you aim to maximize your digital potential.

If Your Search Engine Ranking Decreases

SEO is a fluid concept, as many companies vie for the top spot on the search results, they cast a shadow over their competitors who fail to take a flexible approach.

Taking some time to check your site analytics can inform you of whether or not you should make a few maintenance upgrades.

Whenever You Get a Chance

In order to truly make sure your website is reaching its targets, running a small maintenance check whenever you get a chance should not be beyond the realms of consideration.


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