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Home Security Alarms: Silent vs. Loud

Home Security Alarms: Silent vs. Loud

When you’re trying to protect your home, it makes sense to build the best plan possible for your home.  Unfortunately, there are so many options that many get lost in the numbers and become unsure about taking care of their home.  If you’re stuck deciding between silent or loud security systems, these are the most important things to know.

Why We Use Security Systems

Burglary and theft are rampant in the United States.  Over 25% of people experience a burglary in their life, and it can be devastating to deal with.  You lose confidence in your surroundings and your ability to protect yourself.  Unfortunately, what’s worse than that is 50% of burglars knew their victims before they broke in and stole from them.

We use security systems to protect our homes and things that matter to us.  Most break-ins happen between 10 am to 3 pm while we’re not even home, so it makes sense to want a system that can stand up for our property while we can’t.    

The Perks of Loud Systems

Loud systems can work for several reasons.  First and foremost, loud systems let you know that there’s someone else in the building with you. This can be helpful when trying to protect yourself and those you love.  

Loud systems can also alert thieves that you know they’re in the building.  Sometimes an audible noise alarm can be all it takes to scare off intruders and make them leave empty-handed.  The loud noise draws attention to them, and most know that they have to go quickly if they want to get out without getting arrested.

Why Silent Systems Can Work

Silent alarms can work because they can alert police and other emergency personnel to go to your residence as quickly as possible and hopefully capture the person in the act.  This can also save you from a burglar lashing out in panicked aggravation and harming you or your belongings.  Although it won’t scare them off, this can give you the chance to ensure that your items are protected, and the burglar may not be able to get away.

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Can You Use Them Both?

You can use a combination of the two, but having a loud system will cancel out most of the point of a silent home security system.  A home security alarm going off will make them react and leave as quickly as possible, meaning that the point of a quiet system is defeated.

If you want to combine them, consider making the silent alarm the security for most of your home, and a loud alarm the siren warning for if they get into a room or part of the house that you want to ensure nobody gets into.

Do Obvious Signs of Security Systems Help?

Some put up fake security cameras, or floodlights, to try and fight off burglars, but there’s no evidence that these help.  Although they may give you some peace of mind, they’re unfortunately not going to help you recover your items if the burglars walk by them; it’s better to have an actual camera installed.

Review Home Security Alarms: Silent vs. Loud.

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