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Galaxy S8 Release Date – Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S8, March 29, and More

Galaxy S8 Release Date – Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S8, March 29, and More

Galaxy S8 Release Date

Modern thinking now points to a launch for the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date that will occur a month or two after MWC.

In an Unpacked event on Samsung’s terms. The only problem is when. We’ve heard so many rumored dates that it’s hard to trust any of them.

Then that’s why we’ve listed the ones we’ve listened to below.

With our thoughts on whether they sound compelling or not. Hopefully, that will give you enough information to come to your conclusions.

Possible Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date: February 26:

  • Speculation about the phone’s launch on February 26 was mostly dependent on Samsung holding an Unpacked occasion on the eve of Mobile
  • World Congress that, as we’ve noted, seems highly unlikely now.
  • Other companies have already started sending invitations to their MWC press events. Samsung is not one of them.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date: March 29:

  • The latest date to be announced is March 29, and Twitter informant Ricciolo claims that’s the date a “little bird” told him.
  • He also claims that Samsung will have the new phone at Mobile World Congress and show off a select few partners, not to push, behind closed doors.
  • That last suggestion makes sense. Retailers and networks we know are always notified of a new device before any official presentation.
  • If the phone will be publicly displayed on March 29, it makes sense that the end devices will be available for viewing.
  • Riccio also says that the phone will be available in week 17, April 24-28, so that he effectively discards the last two dates we’ve heard so far.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release date: April 15:

  • Korea’s own ET News cites “industry sources” to suggest that the Galaxy S8 will be released on April 15. In fact, “smartphone products” are said to arrive on that date.
  • Which is consistent with the many other rumors we’ve heard about various devices.
  • The date also coincides with the speculation we heard in December of last year about a mid-April launch in New York City, with no more “mid” than April 15.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date: April 18:

  • The latest recently mentioned date is April 18, as revealed by serial leaker Dmitri12 on Slash Leaks.
  • There is little to no information attached to date, but considering it has a 92 percent accuracy rating on the site, 80 percent of visitors believe this particular leak is worth mentioning.


  1. These are probably not the latest dates mentioned online for Samsung’s forthcoming launch event. But if one or two of those are to be believed.
  2. We’ll bet on the phone that will be announced on March 29 and hit stores in April. That would indeed explain some of the confusion.
  3. It can be indisputable that the Galaxy S8 will not be launched. At Mobile World Congress in late February unless it is.

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Review Galaxy S8 Release Date – Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S8, March 29, and More.

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