Why Convert Excel To PDF and Vice-Versa

Why Convert Excel To PDF and Vice-Versa? – Both Excel spreadsheets and PDFs play vital roles in today’s generations as we live in the digital age. They are used daily by gigantic enterprises and even small businesses. Their functionality and versatility contribute great comfort, accuracy, and convenience to most people who work on electronic files. So do we need to convert these files in the first place?

The Role of Excel Spreadsheets

Before we dig deeper on why we need to transform Excel to PDF and the other way around, we will first understand the role of these spreadsheets. MS Excel spreadsheets have been well-known for quite some time in providing the best and most convenient formats in formulating data in tables. They have created the best designs for these tabular records.

They have been applied in almost all companies, institutions, schools, etc., as they can allow people to have better monitoring with tabular records. Most professionals have preferred these Excel files to have a more convenient and comprehensive view of their financial records, sales, graphical statistics, market trend, and other accounting-related matters.

You can generate formulas per cell, conditional formatting, accurate and comprehensive graphs, and even customize your tables with colors that fit you best. It also has the famous pivot charts to handle complex data with ease. The disadvantage of Excel files falls on the printing area, which is somewhat challenging for less-technical users.

The Convenience of Having a PDF File

Provided how Excel files gave much conveniences to most people, why is there a need to convert them to the portable document format? Unlike other electronic file formats, PDFs come in smaller sizes without affecting the original content. You get to transport the same content and data without compromising your file’s quality.

So you get to save disk space, faster file upload, and quicker sending via webmail platforms. Also, printing PDF files are a lot easier than printing other file formats. Since Excel files are somewhat difficult to print, you can convert them to PDF to attain convenient access to printing detailed documents.

Like other MS Office programs, Excel files can also have formatting complications when transmitted from one user to another. When the sender has a more updated version than the recipient, there are high chances that the file may appear differently. However, converting them to PDF will keep the same exact file, even when sent online.

Using GoGoPDF To Perform PDF Conversions

Although Excel spreadsheets and PDF may sound complicated to starters, you can convert them easily when using the appropriate program. Price is not an issue, as you can convert these files for free as long as you are online. GoGoPDF is your safe-to-use, web-based platform to convert Excel files to PDF and vice-versa, depending on your needs.

You can access GoGoPDF by opening your most preferred web browser and proceed to its home page. You can see the options Excel to PDF and PDF to Excel, choose what you need to perform, and upload your file. GoGoPDF will convert your file automatically to your designated file format in seconds, and you can download your file right away.

Converting PDF to Excel may get a little challenging as it requires a more technical conversion. If you need to make drastic adjustments to your file’s content, you can try their 14-day free trial and get unlimited access to file editing. You can get faster uploads, conversions and get full access to content editing.

Other Tools To Use in GoGoPDF

If you have visited GoGoPDF’s home page, you can see numerous options for PDF tasks. You can enhance your PDF management as you can compress to reduce file size, split to separate pages, and merge to combine PDF pages. If there are particular pages you find unnecessary, you can use the delete PDF pages function of GoGoPDF.

GoGoPDF can also rotate PDF pages for those files that are wrongly positioned during download. Adding e-signatures to your PDF is also possible with this online tool, and you can password-protect your confidential files using the protect PDF function. You can also add light alterations by choosing the edit PDF option.


It is pretty arguable which file format is better or not, but one thing is for sure. These electronic files can make our lives a lot easier as long as we maximize their usage and use them properly. On the other hand, GoGoPDF is your one-stop-shop that does not require a single penny for your daily PDF tasks.

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