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iPhone 11 Pro Max Review – Design, Display, Audio Boost, and More

iPhone 11 Pro Max Review – Design, Display, Audio Boost, and More

iPhone 11 Pro Max Review

The iPhone 11 Pro Max review pushes everything a bit more, with the big screen and new camera being the highlights, while the lack of 5G is a future consideration.

But this is an expensive device, and it’s hard to ignore that you can get the same from the iPhone 11. An excellent phone, but with a tempting cheaper alternative.


  • 144 x 71.4 x also 8.1mm, 188g
  • And also, IP68 water resistance
  • Triple dividing chamber

iPhone 11 Pro Max is alike in design to the iPhone XS Max it substitutes. The main visual difference is adding a camera on the rear and a frosted glass finish.

Here, the phone’s front features an improved OLED screen but with the same notch that we have seen with the iPhone X and XS models.

While the notch hasn’t changed, Face ID has been improved to be faster and more accessible from a wider range of angles, so we’re happy to keep the notch and the sensors it contains.

A Pro Max display

  • 6.5-inch OLED screen
  • 800 typical nit brightness, 1200 nit max
  • 2688 x 1242 pixel resolution for 458ppi
  • HDR 10 and Dolby Vision support

iPhone 11 Pro Max features the company’s main phone screen that comes in at 6.5 inches. In addition to maintaining display technologies like Apple True Tone, the screen also offers 1200 nits of brightness.

Ample for HDR video playback and a two million-to-one difference ratio, which is double that of the iPhone XS Max. Apple noises it the Super Retina XDR display.

Likened to other high-end displays, it holds up well in color accuracy, brightness, and detail.

That OLED screen is as beautiful as it looks. Colors are bold and crisp, whether you’re watching a movie, playing games, or viewing your photos, and it’s passionate and responsive.

The developments are so good that you can easily see the difference when viewed next to the iPhone XS Max; Comparation it to an older model, and things are even more impressive.

It also beats the iPhone 11, which lacks HDR and the sharpness offered here.

A much needed audio boost:

  • Dolby Atmos and spatial audio support.
  • One of the coolest features is spatial audio and support for Dolby Atmos. The former uses the speaker on the base of the iPhone and the speaker on the phone’s top.
  • And some virtualization software from Apple creates a sound stage that gives the impression that the sound is coming. From the entire phone rather than just in its base.
  • It’s brilliant, and it works great. It’s system-wide too, so it the whole thing on everything from games.
  • Like those available on Apple Arcade to movies and TV shows on Apple TV +, rather than asking developers to code something special and certainly brand.
  • The difference in how you enjoy your content through Speakers.
  • It’s been some time, too, with rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S10 offering AKG tuned Dolby Atmos speakers to significant effect.

A hardware lift – with battery gains:

  • A13 Bionic processor
  • 18W fast charger included in the box
  • Pro models have more RAM than the standard iPhone 11

For the iPhone 11 series, Apple moved to the A13 Bionic, an update to the iPhone XS Max A12 Bionic as it gradually increases power:

  • The processor is faster, but in use, it doesn’t seem that much – Apple claims it’s 20 percent quicker than the A12 Bionic.
  • That’s non to say it’s slow, but game load times, for example, against the iPhone XS, don’t seem to have advanced dramatically.
  • That’s pretty much the trend on mobile right now – reported earnings don’t always change the experience for everyday tasks because everything is fast anyway.
  • We suspect the additional processing power addresses all the computational needs of cameras and for future proof against applications that are yet to appear.
  • Such as the AR revolution that may or may not happen.

What the iPhone 11 Pro Max doesn’t have?

  • Also, No 5G
  • No opposite load

1 disappointing exclusion from the spec sheet is 5G connectivity. It’s something the networks probably hoped would have launched 5G in 2019.

But instead gives us something to look forward to with the iPhone 12.

While the omission may not be felt today, it will be if you are planning to buy this phone and keep it for a couple of years.

With 5G in its infancy, you aren’t missing too much right now, but that will change rapidly over the next year.

Yes, Apple is on the backside when it comes to 5G, so if 5G is something you’re going to want, get ready to trade your Pro Max in 2020 for a 5G model.

That holder triple camera system:

  • Triple camera system
  • Added ultra-wide lens
  • Night mode
  • The front camera also updated

The iPhone Pro models are really about photography, with three lenses to make sure you can make the most of whatever situation comes your way:

  • Though Apple was 1 of the first to offer a telephoto lens, rivals have added more and more functionality in recent years, and this is the answer.
  • The camera is the most significant update on the 2019 iPhone, and for a good reason.

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Review iPhone 11 Pro Max Review – Design, Display, Audio Boost, and More.

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