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Free Transcription – Transcription software for PC, Conclusions, and More

Free Transcription – Transcription software for PC, Conclusions, and More

Free Transcription

If you decide to work on audio free transcription, you will also need reliable and feature-rich transcription software.

We will list the best transcription tools that you can use to get the job done fast.

Transcription software for PC.

How to choose the best transcription software? We will help you by answering several questions you might have asked:

  1. Do you need a free or full version of the tool?
  2. Does it support the transcription of audio/video to text?
  3. Can the text be edited while it is being transcribed?
  4. Fixes it allow you to use voice commands?
  5. Can you usage a foot pedal to control playback?

You can find the answer to these queries below.

Score (1 to 5) Free / Paid Audio / Video to Text Dictate and edit Voice commands Support pedal
Express write 4.5 Free version available Yes Yes No Yes
Dragon Speaking Naturally 5 Paid out Yes Also Yes Yes Yes
InqScribe 4 Paid out Yes Yes No Yes
Audiotranskription 5 Paid out Yes N / A No No

Express Scribe transcription software

Install Express Scribe on your computer, and you will become a better typist. This tool allows you to control audio playback, so you never miss a word.

Express Scribe supports audio and video playback and plays most formats, including encrypted dictation files. The tool originates in two versions:

  • A free version and a premium version. It’s worth mentioning that the free version only supports standard audio formats, including wav, mp3, WMA, and dct.
  • In other words, if you often record from audio formats that are not used frequently, we recommend that you acquisition the Pro version of the tool.
  • Express Scribe supports professional USB joysticks to control playback. However, you can also use hotkeys to regulator playback when transcribing to Word or other similar software.

Other features include:

  • Dock digital and analog portable voice recorders to upload recordings.
  • The whole thing with speech recognition software to automatically convert speech to text.
  • Works with the FastFox text expander to enter medical/legal phrases and common phrases with keyboard shortcuts.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Transcription

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a versatile speech credit software that can also help you transcribe audio recordings much faster. If you are not fast typing, this tool will save the day.
  • To transcribe audio with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you must first pair the software with a compatible recorder.
  • Formerly go to Tools and open a DragonPad. Go back to Tools, click on the “Translate recording” option, open the audio file you need, and press the “Transcribe” button.
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking will then record the audio file to the recently opened DragonPad.
  • The only disadvantage is that there will be no punctuation in the transcript, so you’ll have to add it yourself.
  • To ensure that the transcription is flawless, you should also review all the text while listening to the audio recording. The tool is accurate, with only one speaker at a time.
  • It is worth stating that the transcription feature is only available in the Pro version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  • You container buy it for $ 300. In case you can’t afford that version, don’t worry. At the following link (the official NUANCE website), you can choose between several versions, and you also have a list of features for each version at your disposal.

InqScribe transcription software

  • InqScribe is a potent transcription tool that allows you to play audio and video recordings and write your transcripts in precisely the same window. It is a great feature, as it gives you better visibility throughout the transcription process.
  • InqScribe is compatible with most of the media players out there. You can play video and audio files from your hard drive, flash drive, CD, attendant.
  • You can regulator playback using custom shortcuts and keep your hands on the keyboard at all times. The software also supports USB pedals, but this is optional.

When you’re done, you can share your records via file or email. InqScribe can import and spread data in the following formats:

  • Basic text, tab-delimited text, XML, HTML (export only), Last Cut Pro XML (export only), Spruce STL (export only). Also, Subrip (export only), WebVTT (export only).
  • You can buy InqScribe for $ 99.00.


  • Currently available automatic transcription software often fails when transcribing audio recordings.
  • The additional variables (multiple speakers, background noise, non-native speakers, etc.), the lower the presentation of these tools.
  • At the moment, nothing replaces the old manual audio transcription process. This process takes longer and involves more money.
  • If you want an excellent transcription tool, you will have to pay for it. However, you can use a free transcription tool, but the results are not the same.

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Review Free Transcription – Transcription software for PC, Conclusions, and More.

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