Adblock Not Working On Twitch – Block Twitch Ads with AdGuard for Windows, and More

Adblock Not Working On Twitch

Adblock Not Working On Twitch has been advancing in the technological sense. In 2016 so-called SureStream ads were introduced.

Making ads more embedded into the video streams and resistant to adblockers.

Surely, Twitch will last its efforts to improve these aspects because they are focused on maximizing advertising income.

Why my ad blocker is not working on Twitch?

It could be one of the following details:

  • Ad-blocking software is switched off
  • Ad-blocking software settings are configured wrong or not to block Twitch ads
  • Your specific adblocking software lacks filtering capabilities
  • All adblockers can’t block ads on:
  • Android — in the Twitch App
  • iOS — in the Twitch App and all browsers except Safari.
  • Our solutions — AdGuard

Also, with all said above, the method and adblockers you choose to remove Twitch advertisements are totally up to you.

However, We’d be happy if this brief information helps you avoid CmonBruh situations and find the best way.

On our side, here are a few solutions for annoying Twitch ads. Also, that we are proud to offer you because we’ve been battling. Intrusive ads for a long time since 2011.

However, Note that they also include an instrumental arsenal for adblocking and privacy protection in general.

How to Block Twitch ads with AdGuard for Windows?

To watch Twitch broadcasts without interruptions on Windows PC:

  • Download AdGuard for Windows (free 14-day trial)
  • Install the program
  • Run the program
  • Turn on the Ad Blocking module

How to Block Twitch ads with AdGuard for macOS?

  • Download AdGuard for macOS (free 14-day trial)
  • Install the AdGuard App (follow instructions on the download page)
  • Run the App and follow the simple “Getting Started” instructions
  • Switch Protection to “ON”

How to Block Twitch ads with AdGuard for Android?

  • To watch ad-free streams in browsers
  • Download AdGuard for Android
  • Install the App (follow instructions on the download page)

Run the App and Install HTTPS Certificate:

  • Settings -> Network -> HTTPS Filtering -> Enable [On] -> Password [pattern] -> OK
  • Switch Protection to “ON”

How to Block Twitch ads with AdGuard for iOS?

To enjoy your favorite broadcasts in the Safari browser:

  • Download AdGuard for iOS from the App Store.
  • Go to iOS device’s Settings and Enable Safari Content blocker setting for AdGuard
  • Watch Twitch. tv in Safari ad-free

And here goes our overview of all the methods you can use to block ads on Twitch. All you have to do is pick those that are best suited for your needs.

Thank you for reading to the end. Hopefully, also we didn’t seem to be too TriHard. We wish you the most GGs possible. Be well!

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