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The Tools You Need to Work Remotely
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The Tools You Need to Work Remotely

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in various countries is still quite alarming. People are required to be better at maintaining health, especially in countries that are facing winter. It is not uncommon for companies to decide to organize office activities online. For those of you who experience that the office is being isolated due to other employees being affected by COVID-19, it is also necessary to install work-related applications.

This opportunity will discuss the tools you need to work remotely. Just choose a few applications that can support your performance.

So don’t install all the tools that we will explain later. Each tool certainly has a different set of features. Understand each of its features by reading this discussion to the end.

Lists of the Tools You Need to Work Remotely

People who work at the manager level need project management tools. People who are engaged in business definitely need different tools as well. In other words, you need to adapt the tools to the purpose of the job. Immediately, we discuss the tools you need to work remotely. These tools are also helpful for those who hire remote developers worldwide.


It would be best if you had helpful tools to monitor the performance of other employees. Just use Evernote, which is here for project management tools. Evernote has a comprehensive set of features, including scanning photographs, taking notes, attaching files, and leaving voice messages. A manager can also manage employee performance and make them more disciplined in doing their job.

The interface of Evernote is simple enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of capacity. Users can also use the application on a laptop or smartphone. You will be able to organize the schedule as well, wherever you are. Even though you and your co-workers are working from home, you can still be productive and work efficiently.


Maybe some of you are very familiar with Trello. This app allows managers to organize tasks for each employee to stay productive while working from home. The process of editing a project can also be made easier because all the data can be accessed online. Even every member of a team can monitor the latest project progress in real-time.

Of course, Trello can also be used to estimate the cost and time required to work on a project. The notification process can also be automated, so managers no longer need to remind employees of project deadlines. Everything that employees do, including uploading tasks, will also be automatically recorded in Trello, including the time of uploading files.

Google Drive

You and your team need a cloud-based data repository. Why not try to use Google Drive? You can save, swap, and edit tasks that are already stored in Google Drive. Anyone can use Google Drive for free to save files. The file storage capacity that can be done for free is 15 GB.

The process of accessing Google Drive can be done via a laptop. However, users will also be able to access this storage via a smartphone. The minimum Android operating system is 4.1. While the minimum iOS is 8, you will be able to access it. The appearance of this tool itself is quite simple, so it allows someone to learn it quickly.


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