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Surface Neo – New Technology, Skimming the Surface, and More
What Is

Surface Neo – New Technology, Skimming the Surface, and More

Surface Neo

Here has been a lot of fuss over the Microsoft Surface Neo and for a good reason. Recently, Microsoft unveiled plans for a new type of portable device.

That redefines mobile computing. So what is Microsoft Surface Neo, and why are people talking about it?

What is Surface Neo?

  • In short, the Surface Neo is a “dual-screen laptop.” It achieves duality by converting what is traditionally the keyboard portion of the laptop into a second screen. The result looks like two tablets attached.
  • The hinge on the Surface Neo allows many different positions. You can open and close it like a standard laptop, keep it open like a book, and even place the screens one behind the other.
  • It is all very well, but the keyboard part of a traditional laptop is essential for typing.
  • Fortunately, the Surface does not power the user to use a software keyboard.
  • It originates with a Bluetooth keyboard that magnetically attaches to the unit.
  • The Bluetooth keyboard can be used alone, but you can also stick it on one of the Surface Neo’s screens.
  • Here device will detect this and turn that screen into a dedicated keyboard screen. It means displaying the “WonderBar,” which includes some emojis that you can select.
  • It runs a particular version of Windows 10, called Windows 10X.
  • Likened to the desktop version of Windows 10, it is not much different; after all, the central role of the 10X is to understand and adapt to the unique design of the Surface Neo.

What is the launch plan?

  • Inappropriately, at the time of writing, Microsoft hasn’t revealed how much the Surface Neo will cost, much less the date it will be released.
  • The launch video suggests that the Neo will launch during the “2020 holiday,” but it’s prone to lags and slides like all things in the tech world.

Is this new technology?

  • While the idea of having two displays attached to a hinge is relatively new to the world of computing, its design is basing on existing technology.
  • For example, you can currently buy a 2-in-1 laptop or a “transforming laptop,” which is somewhat similar to a Surface Neo.
  • While the 2-in-1s don’t use two displays, they have the main tablet screen and a detachable keyboard.
  • The idea behind these devices is to combine the two and use them as a laptop, then split them up and use the screen as a separate tablet.
  • It’s not as impressive as a dual-screen device with a magnetic Bluetooth keyboard.
  • But it’s a good alternative for someone who wants the right balance between entertainment and productivity.

Skimming the Surface

  • Microsoft seeks to revolutionize portable computing with the Surface Neo.
  • While we don’t know the fine details yet, we know that it’s a dual-screen laptop with a dockable Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Its flexibility and adaptability show good potential to be a practical mobile note taker and multimedia center.

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Review Surface Neo – New Technology, Skimming the Surface, and More.

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