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12 Samples of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2021

12 Samples of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2021

Samples of progressive web apps in 2021 – Any online company needs a high level of performance to achieve success and profit margins. As of late, the most advanced businesses are using a new IT industry technology called Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to improve their performance.

Developed with the support of Google, the algorithm’s operation provides high performance on any device and at any network quality. The design of PWAs replicates the interfaces of native apps, making them fast, easy and amusing to use. Today, however, not everyone has yet figured out how progressive web apps are disconnected from adaptive websites. For a deeper understanding, we offer you an overview of a few good samples of PWAs that you can download and try for yourself.

1. Starbucks

Despite having a native app for online ordering, the company uses a PWA of the ordering system to provide offline access to its customers. They can use a device not connected to the Internet to select food and drinks from the menu and add them to their cart. Once online, the user can see prices, adjust order settings and approve the order. It is very convenient for customers who don’t use the Internet all the time, such as those in rural communities where connectivity is less stable. The size of this PWA is 100 less than its native counterpart, so it immediately became super popular and doubled the number of the company’s daily customers.

2. Debenhams

The British fashion brand has had similar goals, namely to lighten its website and simplify its online ordering system. Due to the implementation of PWA technology all the elements that slowed down the work of the resource and consequently the whole process of goods purchasing were removed. After that, the company showed a 40% growth in mobile advertising revenue and a 20% growth in conversions.

3. BMW

The automaker uses PWA not so much to optimize its website as another proof of the brand’s commitment to different kinds of innovations. The integration of PWA technology has made it possible to offer customers a stunning user experience: high-resolution graphics and quality content loaded instantly. As a result, almost double the growth of users and visits to the website and mobile app.

4. Flipboard

For an online news site like Flipboard, fast speed and easy navigation are the foundation of success among users. After switching to PWA algorithms, the app has been adapted for use on desktops, not just cell phones.

5. Soundslice

This resource with lessons for advanced musicians uses PWA to provide an effective educational experience for self-taught musicians. With an innovative music player, you can learn music on any device, cell phone, or computer.

6. 2048 Game

The developers of this puzzle game originally released it as a free mobile application for Android app development and iOS. The game with very simple rules immediately became incredibly popular. After a PWA update, the game is now accessible from any browser (at This version is completely indistinguishable from the mobile app and is available offline.

7. MakeMyTrip

The MakeMyTrip story is an excellent sample of when implementing PWAs is not a fad, but a necessity. Eight million people visit the website of India’s premier travel company every month, two-thirds of which are mobile users. The company considered the convenience and accessibility of booking with smartphones, so it developed PWAs to simplify and facilitate customer interactions through mobile traffic. The page load time was reduced by 38%, which tripled conversion rates. The number of user sessions increased by 160%.

8. Uber

With the expansion of markets, the company has taken care of the accessibility and simplicity of the car booking services provided. So Uber’s PWA supports work on the bad connection of 2G and low-cost devices on which it is impossible to install a native app.

9. Kopa (Padpiper)

On Kopa, formerly known as Padpiper, students can find verified housing for school terms and internships and landlords can find responsible tenants. A large amount of built-in data (9,000 schools and 100 listings with reviews) is much easier to store and apply through PWA. The app has good navigation features: it can build routes or search for other users nearby.

10. Pinterest

Like Uber, Pinterest adopted PWA technology as its international market expanded. It turned out that due to performance issues on cell phones, users refused enrollment or log in or installation of the native app en masse (99% failure rate). The new PWA increased some important margins, including session times up to 40%.

11. Yummly

A resource about food and cooking offers users truly diverse content and services: recipes, meal rules, shopping lists, and grocery delivery. Yummly PWA offers a simple and easy-to-use search engine, with multiple filters, among numerous foods and over a million recipes.

12. Spotify

The developer of the popular music player turned to PWA technology because of a commission dispute with Apple and the success of other progressive web apps in e-commerce. The PWA version is faster, more interesting, and more accessible than the native app.

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