6 Things to Consider When Buying a Router for Optimal Speed

Choosing a router that conveys reliable and fast internet and impressive area coverage is anything but a simple task, particularly in the event that you are a novice. To make things difficult, manufacturers state their routers’ specifications utilizing a lot of abbreviations and advertising gimmicks that have little connection to the genuine experience you get. Even the name and available details of the product do not disclose much about the efficiency of a router. An easy option is to get a router from your internet provider, right. Not really. In financial terms, it is better to purchase your own router than to pay for a company router every month. However, one thing that I find optimal is to connect with reliable ISPs that offer such associated devices as complimentary perquisites. By clicking here, you can find out about the internet plans and packages that offer complimentary modems in addition to the blazing fast internet speeds and 24/7 customer service. In this way, you can avail yourself of a modem and invest in a good router for optimal internet speeds.

To help you pick the best router that suits your budget and requirements, read this article and learn about the things you need to consider when buying a router:


The equipment inside your router matters more than you can imagine particularly RAM and the processor. Nowadays, Wi-Fi is being used for every imaginable task – file sharing, video streaming, gaming, entertainment, work. Data backups, social interaction, and whatnot. All of these tasks require bandwidth and so, your wireless router needs a great deal of processing power. At the point when you choose your next router, you should know whether it is equipped with a single-core, dual-core, or quad-core processor. On the off chance that you need a network that can adapt to a number of networks simultaneously, I suggest that you buy a multi-processor router. You can start with a router that has a dual-core processor so that it can manage more information and a greater number of networks. In simple terms, the more the number of cores, the better the performance of the router.
As far as the storage capacity of RAM concerns, it should at least have 128 MB RAM capacity; however, the ideal capacity would be 256 MB or more. This is to ensure that it can deal with everything as quickly as you would want it to. In the event that you do not have a budget problem, try looking for a router that has 512 MB or 1 GB RAM capacity.


At the point when you read the specs of a wireless router, you are not presented with the actual speed you get when you use it. The numbers that you are shown are hypothetical (for advertisement purposes) and are estimated in special labs that are installed with ideal equipment.
That is the reason you should always research before you buy. Read user reviews and expert opinions to understand the actual working of the router. For instance, a few websites utilize different routers to quantify the speed of the routers they are reviewing. They do this in order to satisfy manufacturers with good product reviews. However, you might want to read the reviews that use ordinary PCs so that you can understand the dynamics of the product you are buying.


A USB port is crucial today in businesses as well as at home. There are plenty of activities that can only be done through a Wi-Fi connection.
If you have a diverse network at home with equipment like printers, external hard disks, switches, and modems, you would need a router that offers easy connectivity. While choosing a router, you should check if its USB ports. The router should at least have one USB port, however, it should be a USB 3.0 version.


The AC or actual rate of a router determines the effectiveness of a router. You should not invest in a router that has an AC below 1200. A router with AC980 or AC700 is typically installing with archaic technology that affects the speed of the router. Such a router is good for neither your home nor your business. Nowadays, modern routers have AX in their names rather than AC.


Numerous routers offer advanced specs like antivirus, VPN, and other security features shielding your Wi-Fi network from malware and intrusion. The issue is that such specs can also be found on routers that are embedding with weak equipment resulting in poor performance. In the event that you want such features in your router, do not buy the first affordable router that you find. Like an AC1200 router with lower quality equipment. Go for a more costly router, with incredible equipment and loads of RAM capacity so that it can run proficiently.
Furthermore, if you are interesting in a router with such advanced specs. It ought to have at least 256 MB RAM capacity and a dual-core processor.


Numerous individuals have savvy and smart gadgets and sensors in their homes now. To control them in a better way. It is a smart thought to buy a router that is compatible with task mechanization systems. For example, IFTT (If This, Then That) or Amazon’s Alexa. This feature assists your applications and gadgets to cooperate for optimal performance. As such, if your router has this sort of integration. You can manage it through Alexa by giving voice orders and would be able to do things like turn off the lights on the router during nighttime.
A few manufacturers have brought this coordination with Alexa to a definitive level and incorporated it into the actual router.


Purchasing a router is a long-term commitment and so you ought to do it the right way. This article houses the main things that you need to consider when purchasing a router for your home or business. These variables will help you buy a router that is modern, efficient, and powerful.

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