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Most Popular AI-Powered Apps to Watch Out For in 2022

Most Popular AI-Powered Apps to Watch Out For in 2022

AI is taking the world by storm. Almost all industries are now actively tapping into the power of AI technologies. AI helps businesses streamline their processes, improve operations, boost customer experience, increase profits, and much more. And dedicated AI-powered applications can come in handy in this respect. Below are some great examples of highly successful AI applications which have gained great popularity with millions of users worldwide. Take a look at these outstanding tools to get inspired and, possible, come up with similar solutions for your business. And you can also visit this website to learn more about AI-driven solutions and get expert help with business app development.



It would be criminal not to start off this list by mentioning Siri. This famous virtual assistant is known not only for its politeness, but also ability to quickly search for necessary information, offer useful recommendations, set reminders, take important notes, manage installed applications, and more. Its availability on the major Apple platforms makes Siri a universal tool wherewith users can quickly collect or verify certain information, send text messages, contact the right person, etc. What’s more, Siri learns fast and over time it can adapt to users’ searches and preferences and subsequently use this data to improve their experience.

Google Assistant

Another AI-powered tech that needs no introduction is Google Assistant. This magic tool can help you access information, fix technical issues, manage your home, and address immediate problems in the blink of an eye. It’s rightly considered an advanced virtual assistant due to a wide range of features and functions it performs. Google Assistant is great for managing information from user calendars, which enables you to smoothly navigate your schedule, add necessary changes to it, and keep track of meetings, projects, deadlines, etc. In addition, Google Assistant goes a long way towards helping you manage your music library, control sound, set reminders, run timers, control devices, manage your smart home, and much more.



Amazon Alexa, or simply Alexa, is a famous virtual assistant that has long become a legend. It helps regular users stream podcasts, set to-do lists, set up alarms, and access current weather and traffic data in real-time, and control speaker volume. Moreover, this tool serves as a great cloud-based voice service which enables voice developers to create their own voice-powered solutions by integrating Alexa into their products. Alexa developers offer a wide range of tools which can help companies create apps which can be easily controlled with spoken commands. By adopting Alexa-related techs, businesses can voice-enable their workplace, automate tasks that normally require hand-on human involvement, and boost overall efficiency.


Lots of students that struggle with their academics are familiar with Socratic. This AI-powered app goes a long way in helping learners master a wide array of subjects like Math, Computer Science, Literature, Biology, Social Studies, etc. Socratic relies on its AI capabilities to employ relevant algorithms that can identify certain concepts and then provide visual explanations for them. With this app, students can type, dictate your query, or take a photo of an equation or problem that needs solving. After that, the system will start searching for solutions and provide the clearest explanations. The fact that Socratic is available on different platforms contributes to its popularity and makes this app one of the most downloaded apps, as indicated by Google Play statistics.



Fyle is a great AI-driven expense management tool that’s compatible with multiple platforms. It’s rightly considered a key player in the expense management domain due to its advanced features and ease of use. It has recently launched direct integrations with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office. Lots of companies are now using Fyle to effectively extract important business data, submit and view expense reporting, share real-time analytics, track corporate cards, and much more.


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