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How to Stream on Discord? – Personal Data, Features, and More
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How to Stream on Discord? – Personal Data, Features, and More

How to Stream on Discord

How to stream on Discord Many avid gamers often create their communities, make chat rooms to share data with their like-minded people.

Recently, video game blogs on YouTube have become very popular when experienced gamers post online video instructions on playing various games.

How does Discord allow you to hide personal data?

  • To organize the broadcast, many players use different programs. Each has certain disadvantages, but Discordia’s plan is entirely free.
  • It does not contain advertising, is very simple to configure, and its menu is qualitatively translated into Russian.
  • Functional enough to organize voice communication in various computer games.
  • But one of the most notable features of the program is a special tape drive mode.
  • What are the characteristics of this model? How to use it in the program? We will answer these questions in today’s material.

What are the Discord Mode Tape Drive Features?

Streamer mode gives you the ability to quickly and easily hide personal information from prying eyes during a broadcast.

It often happens that when you broadcast, you get alerts from other programs, jump links to the game server, which is intended only for close friends, and many similar situations.

Sometimes it just doesn’t look stunning, and sometimes it gives annoying viewers a reason to use confidential information for other purposes.

Streamer mode has several simple settings that allow you to hide such data. Personal information: email, account, tags by which you can find group chat, notes.

Game invitation links – designed to ensure that no intruder can enter the server, which is designed for a small circle of players only Sound notifications.

Now no message, for example, from Skype, will not interrupt the transmission. Desktop notifications. Your viewers will no longer see pop-ups in different parts of the screen.

Activation mode:

To activate tape drive mode in Diskord, you must enable the corresponding function in the program settings. Where is it located?

After opening the game’s main menu, you will see that the screen is divided into four areas:

  • The narrow left panel contains information about your friends and the servers to which you connect to the game.
  • The second, larger panel contains a list of all your friends with whom you can write or view their profile.
  • The central and larger panel shows some details of your profile, friend profiles, and chat conversations.
  • Right panel showing all members of the group.
  • At the bottom of the second panel is the name of your profile. If you move the cursor, a button appears to go to the hexagon-shaped settings.
  • Click on it, and in the open window on the left side, you can see the various menu items. One of them is the streamer mode.
  • If you want to enable it, check the corresponding box. From this menu, you can go to hotkey settings to configure the keyboard combination for manual activation.

How to host a broadcast through Discord?

We may disappoint you now, but to stream your game, a Discord won’t be enough. You will need a program to capture the screen.

And transmit images to the Internet and an account of the service you will share the video.

Create an account on the service through which you will organize the transmission. As practice shows, the best option is the Twitch service.

Create a channel, come up with a name for it, upload a logo, and give a short description. This step is necessary so that users can see what you offer them.

Download a screen capture program. The best option would be the OBS program.

Configure the client: audio and video codec, server address, transmission type, video card, and microphone used.

On your channel page on Twitch, copy the Stream Key translation key and paste it into the Stream Key Play Path field in the OBS program.

Start streaming and activate the tape drive in Discord mode to not display third-party information on your screen.

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  • As you can see, Discord is an excellent program for hosting group chats in gaming communities.
  • Although you cannot independently organize the game stream, its unique tape drive mode will significantly improve streaming quality.
  • In the comments, we invite you to write, for what purposes do you use this excellent application.

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