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How to Screen Record? – Screen Record with Game Bar, and More
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How to Screen Record? – Screen Record with Game Bar, and More

How to Screen Record

How to screen record your screen, even if that is not the primary purpose of it. Suppose you wish not to download any extra software.

Here is a possibility that some of the requests that you already have installed.

How to screen record with Game Bar?

To use this feature, your PC must provide one of the following encoders. Most modern graphics cards or processors will support them:


Also, Intel Quick Sync H.260 (Intel 2nd Gen CPU or newer)

Nvidia NVENC also, (most Nvidia GeForce 600, Quadro K series or newer)

Step 1: Click the Start button trailed by the gear icon located in the Start Menu. It opens the Settings app.

Step 2: Select Game.

Step 3: In-Game bar, make definite Record game clips, screenshots, and streaming using Game Bar. This is how we can record.

Step 4: Inscribe the method default keyboard cutoff to open Game Bar: Win + G . You may see a communication asking if the app tinted on your screen is a game. If it occurs, select Yes.

Step 5: The Game Bar feature seems near the top center edge of the screen. It has buttons to entree multiple overlays, including sound, recital, and capture.

The Game Bar feature capture overlay must appear by avoidance. If that doesn’t occur, click on the webcam icon in the Game Bar. Afterward, hit the round Start Recording button in the capture overlay. Click again to stop.

How to record the screen with PowerPoint?

Didn’t you see that you could record your screen with PowerPoint? It’s true: the newest forms include this valuable feature. It is how you can do it:

Step 1: Go to the Supplement tab and choose Screen Recording, situated in the Media panel.

Step 2: Tick Select Area to choose the specific area of the screen you want to record. If you need to record the entire screen, press the keys Windows + Shift + F.

Step 3: Tick the Record button, “or press Windows keys + Shift + R simultaneously.

Step 4: You can tick the Pause button, which replaces the Record button, to stop the process as required. Tick the square Stop button to finish the capture.

Step 5: To accept the recording, right-click on the video exposed in PowerPojnt. Select the Save Media As option from the pop-up menu. Track the on-screen instructions to store your recording.

Once you’re done, you can save the video as a separate file to access or embed as you see fit.

The editing and control options are minimal after that, but it’s an excellent option for quick recording.

Especially if you’re doing it for an imminent presentation, and don’t ignore the enhancement tools PowerPoint offers. Like reshaping the video, adding a border, and adding effects like shadows, glow, and more.

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