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Galaxy Tab S6 Review – Design, Display, Screen, and More

Galaxy Tab S6 Review – Design, Display, Screen, and More

Galaxy Tab S6 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 review may have been exceeded by the newer Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus.

But it was an essential tablet in its time and remained a worthy gadget if you think it’s right for you.

Cheers to Apple’s complete dominance of the tablet market – and the iPad Pro’s creation and mastery of a new super-tablet tier.

Few competing builders dare stick their heads above the premium tablet parapet. Samsung is a notable exception, having consistently turned out svelte and well-spec’d pro tablets.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6?

  • Galaxy Tab S6 is the most refined Android other than an iPad Pro. It has a great display, high-end specs, a countless sketching stylus, and it costs quite a lot.
  • You’ll wage £619 for the wi-fi version, and £689 for the 4G one. If this noise like too much, don’t overlook the 11-inch iPad Pro.
  • With half the amount of storage ends up £269 more when you add the Apple Pencil. Of course, nowadays, even the basic iPad supports the Pencil.
  • Amp 128GB iPad plus Pencil costs £498 – that’s £120 less.
  • It is the most refined Android tablet, but if the Stylus isn’t a significant factor, reflect the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. It prices a lot less and still performs all the usual tablet jobs flawlessly well.

How is the Design and Display of Galaxy Tab s6?

  • Very slim with the-metal Design
  • Vibrant 10.5-inch Super AMOLED
  • In-display fingerprint sensor handy but not the quickest

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 won’t succeed in any awards for innovation on the design front, but that doesn’t prevent it from being a handsome bit of kit:

  • It doesn’t legally have the angular, muscular appeal of an iPad Pro 11, but it’s in the same all-metal ballpark.
  • If anything, the Tab S6’s softer edges, thinner body (though we’re only talking 5.7mm vs. 5.9mm), significantly lighter frame (420g vs. 468g). And longer aspect ratio make it feel quite a bit svelter than its Apple rival.
  • The Tab S6’s Design is undoubtedly a considerable improvement over its lineal predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. We’re not unhappy to see the back of the latter’s fragile and slippery glass rear.
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Tab S6 shares a lot more with the mid-range Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e launched a few months earlier.
  • The main change is the more premium model’s lozenge-shaped dual-camera module and the S Pen slot that runs down immediately below it.
  • This latter feature might have an exact function, but it also serves as the tablet’s one distinguishing mark.

How is the Stylus and Drawing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab s6?

It’s a justly chunky plastic pen with a great nib that typically zaps the stuttery feel of most tablet styles as they glide along the glass surface of a screen.

Illustration on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 feels natural: there’s only minor input lag, and doodling is fun.

I spent a few hours pointlessly drawing on the tablet to see if it’s much better than the rivalry. I do think Samsung gets earlier to the Apple Pencil-like quality feel here than some previous stylus tabs.

Though, Pen Up kind of sucks. It is the pre-installed Samsung drawing software. It has sufficiently of the right tools, a tight front end.

And some fluffy coloring-in exercises for kids, but next to somewhat like Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, it’s trash. Sorry, Samsung.

Pen Up lacks most of that program’s advanced features. It’s okay for an app made to be accessible, but its presentation is also bizarrely wrong.

With frequent lag as Pen Up tries to work out how your brush strokes should react to the existing “digital paint.”

Connect Sketchbook Pro or something alike, though, and you are in for a good time. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 stylus appears made for this software.

And captivating some time out to draw with it has been some of the most fun I’ve had on a tablet in ages.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6’s software is just like that of Samsung’s phones, with one significant difference:

  • DeX makes much more sense here. DeX is Samsung’s desktop-like border for Android. It’s a significant addition if you want to use this tablet in place of a laptop.
  • As it allows more advanced windowed multitasking and places more info and shortcuts at your fingertips.
  • You’ll find essential the £159 keyboard addition to making this worthwhile, though, and Samsung didn’t send us one.
  • If you’re successful in wages upwards of £750 and want a laptop experience, buy a laptop. Here are many great options at a price, particularly from HP and Acer.

Screen and speakers:

  • Here Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a 10.5-inch screen of 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution. Impartial like the Galaxy S5e’s, this is an OLED display that provides intense blacks and rich color.
  • Customization selections are the same as those of Samsung’s recent high-end phones. You can select between Natural and Vivid color modes.
  • Neither of which offers the ultra-reserved sRGB color change seen in older Samsung tablets. And peak illumination is, unsurprisingly, not a match for the Galaxy Note 10+’s 1200 nits.
  • But there’s sufficient power to use the tablet outdoors. Samsung claims the max brightness is 500 nits. I used a colorimeter and LED light to trick the tablet into thinking it was in a bright environment.
  • The top reading was 440 nits, and the last 100 only kick in when there’s lots of ambient light.

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Review Galaxy Tab S6 Review – Design, Display, Screen, and More.

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