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Gadgets That Will Change Your Gaming Experience

Gadgets That Will Change Your Gaming Experience

The gaming industry has changed a lot in the past decade and the same happened to the gadgets we use for our PC or gaming consoles. Professional players usually have more experience with equipment which is why many average gamers stick with gadgets that decrease their skill level.

Some of the items you can find online for purchase can help a lot in your gaming career if you plan to play professionally. As football players have NFL player stats, you can help improve your stats with better equipment. You will probably need a budget to get everything that you need but it will be worth it if gaming is a part of your life.

VR Headset

Virtual Reality has still a long way to go considering that there aren’t enough high-quality games with great graphics. But, it’s still a very fun way to entertain yourself even if there isn’t a competition like in eSports. At a certain point, it will definitely become a part of eSports when we have better headsets and games.

If you haven’t tried VR before, you should definitely do it because it’s much different than consoles or other types of gaming. There are a few videos that you can play in VR that are a great representation of what gaming will look like in the future. The price goes from $300 up to $2000 depending on the model and quality.

Mechanical Keyboard

The majority of gamers don’t focus too much on having a great functioning keyboard, instead, they search for one that looks the most appealing no matter the price. This is a big mistake because there are many keyboards with membrane keys that are not meant for gaming and will feel a bit different.

Mechanical keyboards have multiple keys that you can use and the difference is in the sound it produces and how hard you need to press the key. This is a standard for every pro gamer and it can help you increase your skill level in any PC game. The price is much higher than a regular membrane keyboard and it goes from $150 up to $500.

Mobile Controller

Mobile gaming has become bigger than PC gaming with revenue in 2020 of $93 billion. It has become a very competitive industry over the years and the prize pools are much bigger than some popular PC games. Some players think that having a controller is a cheat but it’s not forbidden by any game that you can play on a phone.

They are mostly used for FPS or first-person shooter games but they can also be valuable in role play or MMOs like Wild Rift or Mobile Legends. The price differs depending on where you order it from and which model but it can go from a few bucks up to $100 for best quality controllers.

Boss Chair

Many people think that gaming chairs are the best that you can buy if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer but there are better options. When you use an ergonomic chair as pro players use, you might have back problems and they are prone to breaking if you don’t take care of it.

There were many people that tried hundreds of options and they figured out that some office chairs are much better even for gaming because it’s the same as doing work. They are much more comfortable and it feels more natural when you sit on them compared to a large gaming chair that has a lot of details that sometimes aren’t very useful.

Another advantage of office chairs that your boss might have is that they are sometimes cheaper than gaming chairs. The price can go from $100 up to $500 depending on what you need and what’s appealing to you. How big they are isn’t very important, you should focus more on the quality of materials and comfortability.


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