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Do These Before Launching Your Video Streaming App

Do These Before Launching Your Video Streaming App

Digital media is on the rise, and video content is where it’s at. A branded videos streaming app for your subscribers allows you to capture their attention more. It’s evident that content creators are no longer tethered to delivering information to their audiences via laptops or televisions. Smartphones and other handheld devices have become the norm, which is why we believe it would be advantageous for you to have a branded mobile application that would help increase your subscription video signups and reduce audience churn. But what should you put in place before launching a video streaming app? Find out below.

1. Create Unique Branding

Want your video streaming app to stand out when you launch? Brand it uniquely. As you build a streaming app, it is vital to consider keeping each of the design elements consistent in order to keep your brand image strong. Users want to know that they are reviewing a quality product, and that starts with the visual components of your revolutionary idea.

Keeping this in mind, choose a developer that makes sure you have creative control over all parts of your app’s design process so you can build something that genuinely represents what you’re working towards!

2. Ensure the Video player works

It is evident that online video is on a rapid rise. The more devices you can support, the bigger the success your streaming app can be. Therefore, make sure your video streaming app works seamlessly across all devices. Do this by allocating traffic across multiple content delivery networks. This is especially essential when it comes to reaching your audiences with the speed and quality they deserve.

3. Include Compelling Community Features

One of the things that make a streaming app popular is its community features. How can users engage with themselves through your app? Can they leave comments? These integrative features help you build a sense of community and maintain interaction once your video has been released. With features that improve the user experience, such as accessibility to subtitles and controlled comments, a good app becomes a fantastic one!

4. Ensure App Can Collect Impactful Data

To expand your audience, you must first recognize the worth and need of each subscription. Clear metrics will aid your success in this regard. For example, you need to understand how long your audience spends on each piece of content or your average monthly revenue per user. Make sure your streaming app collects comprehensive data and analytics so you can be more proactive in engaging your audience.

5. Enable In-app subscriptions

If you’ve designed a fantastic video streaming app with a good user experience, then you can include an in-app subscription feature. But first, ensure your design is at its best. This can decide whether a potential subscriber walks away or chooses to engage over the long term with your brand. Many popular apps use in-app subscriptions or payments as a way to gain customer loyalty for ongoing future orders. Youtube, for example, the most popular video streaming service on the planet, also features a paid option that disables advertisements.

Once you’ve put all these in place, you can rest assured that your app will have a good start.  All these points are important so try not to leave any out.


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