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Check out these games which originated in India and bacame famous

Check out these games which originated in India and bacame famous

We have seen the classic game of dice that has been mentioned in Mahabharata. Since then, India has mustered many indoor & outdoor games to keep themselves entertained. However, with the growth of gadgets and technologies, these games have now evolved and are made available to both kids and adults. Due to this change in technology and the widespread use of such games, they have become famous. Games such as Carrom, Chess, and Kabaddi have become so famous that they have been selected as official sports and for the various championships. Also, games including Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, and Card games like rummy, solitaire, etc. have become an unspoken ritual in every Indian household. In this article, you can learn about the games that originated in India and have become famous.

Card Games

Card games like rummy, solitaire, and poker are very popular among Indian households. Card games were originally introduced in India during the 16th century by the emperors present at that time, specifically the Mughals. Initially, they were only available to the royalty since they were made of special stones and gems but later became available to the public when they were made of paper leaf or wood. With the increase in the demand for card games, several games were created. Today cards are enjoyed at all gatherings. However several companies have made it possible for everyone to play the cards online. Some apps allow you to play card games while travelling, with friends, at any time all through a simple app or website.


Ludo is among the most beloved games present in India. It is enjoyed by both adults and kids. The idea of ludo originally came from the paintings at the Ellora caves in India. It was played on several means such as cloth, slates, and even boards. It was first played in Mahabharat. Over the years, the game has been given several names in Indian history like ‘pachisi’, ‘Chopad’, ‘Chaucer’. The game has grown so famous that it has been adopted by the Spanish and Chinese who have created a variation of it. Technology today has made it possible for everyone to play ludo virtually, anywhere, anytime. There are several apps that you can play ludo on alone or with your group.


Chess is the most renowned game present in today’s world. It is dated back at least 1500 years. It is said that it started in the Gupta empire in the 6th AD in the northern parts of India. It spread across Persia after it got captured by the Arabs. In the modern era, the moves were changed and the game was improvised. Changes led to the building of World Chess Federal. The game consists of pawns, bishop (camel), knight (horse) and rook (elephant). Today Chess can be played by anyone. It is also virtually possible to play chess since the built of apps dedicated to it. The apps are even beginner-friendly. They teach you how to play and also offer different modes to play in. Aside from this, you can also invite your friends online to play with you.


Carrom is one of the most popular games in South Asian culture. It is a fun and enjoyable game for all Indian get-togethers. It originated in the Indian subcontinent and later became more popular in the UK in the early 20th century. Carrom is not only played on a house level but also has its federation. It was taken seriously as a game by 1935 but in 1958 countries like India and Sri Lanka had their federation. With the growing rate of technology development, people have been able to put this board game in virtual space. You can play carrom online anywhere anytime by merely going on a dedicated app or a website.

Snakes and ladder

Snakes and ladders without fail stand as the most loved and played game in India. The game is notoriously a kid’s favourite go-to. It can be only played by 4 players. It originated in India and had initially been called, “Moksha Patam”. It was then bought in the UK in the 1890s. The board game was designed to send across some wisdom. The snakes represented bad virtues while the ladder presented the good ones. Snakes and ladders are no longer only played as indoor board games but also online. Some websites and apps help you play the game in your comfort.

India has been successful in making the games worthwhile. The games are bringing benefits to the market, specifically online markets. There have been developments in apps and websites for you to be able to play online. GetMega is one such great platform that lets you enjoy your favourite and chosen game online. The platform offers an array of options for you to play with ranging from Carrom and Dots & Dashes to Poker and Warship. It also gives you a chance to earn money while playing any of the games. So if you are searching for an app where you can play multiple games while earning good money, GetMega is the app for you.


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