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6 Tips For Increasing Your Sales on AWS Marketplace

6 Tips For Increasing Your Sales on AWS Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace Web Services (AWS) is a vast platform where small to mid-sized companies can market their products and services. These include physical goods as well as digital media items such as ebooks, music files, educational courses, and online storage space for personal or business use.

Now that you have your product listed on AWS Marketplace, it’s time to keep up with customer demand and promote your product. Below you will find some helpful tips for increasing the number of sales on AWS Marketplace:

1. Be sure to list your product with the correct category

Ensuring that customers can easily locate your product is important when maximizing sales. Customers will often search for well-known items that are easy to identify. This is why you will want to list your product in the correct category on AWS Marketplace.

2. Include a description of what your product is and how it works, as well as any additional features that are not listed on the AWS Marketplace listing page

A customer viewing your item may have never heard of it before. It is a good idea to include a brief overview of your product in the form of a “blurb” for interested customers.

3. Use a cloud marketplace management software

Using a cloud marketplace management software such as Tackle Cloud Marketplace Platform on AWS can help you maximize sales. With this kind of management software, a seller can “watch” the list price and quantity of products listed for sale on AWS Marketplace. They can also make adjustments to pricing, make updates or changes to listings, and view the number of sales daily.

4. Upload videos demonstrating how to use or install your products

Having video content on AWS Marketplace can increase the number of sales made. By demonstrating how to use or install your products, you are helping customers get a better idea of exactly what they are purchasing. This will also help to eliminate any unknowns that could cause them to wait before making a purchase.

5. Provide instructions on installation if necessary

If your software is more complex, you may want to include instructions on your purchase page. If you sell an application that requires installation, include a link from the AWS Marketplace listing page to any additional information you have about how it works or how to install it.

While videos are great, some consumers still prefer to have their instructions written out.

6. Price competitively for similar items in the marketplace

It is important that your product pricing is competitive with other items like it on the AWS Marketplace. If your product is priced too high, then customers will be more inclined to search for other items. If your product is priced too low, you could be selling yourself short. Matching the price of competing items on AWS Marketplace is often the best way to increase sales and maximize profits.


By following the six tips listed above, you can maximize your sales on AWS Marketplace. To learn more about how to market your product on AWS Marketplace, contact Tackle Cloud Marketplace Platform today.

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