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Do you know which language learning software is the best? If not, read this blog to strengthen your grasp of a second language.

Studying a language becomes enjoyable when you have amazing language learning tools on your study table. A language learning app is one of the most important resources you should employ. They are essentially cost-effective and practical approaches to learning a new language.

Most Popular Language Learning Apps You Should Try

We have brought you a list of our favorite language learning apps. You may recognize some of them, but you may also discover some new treasures!

1. Babbel

Babbel has quickly become one of the foremost common language-learning apps, with over ten million subscriptions sold-out at $13.95 per month. The course of study is intended by linguists, combining ancient learning with innovative and interactive lessons. The app uses evidence-based, proven teaching strategies and offers learning in formats.

Babbel has terrific reviews. Babbel gets a lot of positive feedback. The app has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating based on over 257,000 reviews. The developer goes out of their thanks to answering client reviews, each positive and negative.


  • Interactive dialogue to assist with pronunciation
  • 10-15 minute lessons to form it versatile along with your schedule
  • Unique and immersive teaching vogue

2. Rosetta stone

Rosetta Stone has been a pacesetter in learning for twenty-five years. Thus, it ought to return as no surprise that it makes our list of the most straightforward learning apps these days. The app permits you to settle on dozens of various languages and build a program set up that most closely fits your learning vogue.

Further, you’ll be able to follow speaking the language with audio recognition to work out if you are not off course. You’ll be able to use audio-based learning once you are on the go additionally. The stories feature additionally permits you to be told by reading in conjunction with native speakers.

Rosetta Stone app has terrific reviews. With roughly 160,000 reviews on the App Store, the app has a mean rating of 4.8 of five stars, making it one of the only highly-rated learning apps on the market.


  • Various evaluation choices
  • Personalized lesson arrange
  • Proven method

3. Duolingo

Duolingo has become the only language-learning app nowadays, for good reasons. The app offers game-like lessons to assist you in learning quite thirty-five completely different languages—all at no cost. The app uses science-based teaching ways to help you in learning.

Duolingo’s reviews speak for themselves: the application has received over 1.2 million ratings in the app store, with an average rating of 4.7 stars. Duolingo consistently gets the Editor’s choice award from the App Store.


  • Free acquisition
  • Well organized, progressive lessons
  • Features designed to stay you intended
  • Lessons are wiped out simply some minutes

4. Memrise

Have you ever used a language learning app and felt that the words you were practicing were ones you’d never use in real life? Memrise overcomes this flaw by creating courses that are jam-packed with real-world terms. You’ll learn new words, view native speaker videos, and practice using phrases in the real world.

Memrise professional has three utterly different evaluation choices. The month-to-month arrangement is out there for simply $8.99 per month. However, if you upgrade to the annual contract, it comes dead set merely $7.50 per month. Finally, you can purchase life-time access for $139.99, which is the equivalent of paying for the monthly arrangement for simply over a year.

Memrise’s app has glorious user reviews. With 175,000 reviews, the app has a mean rating of 4.8 of 5. It also has an associate degree Editor’s Choice Award for being one of the most effective acquisition apps. Read hands-on comparison between two leading apps, Memrise vs lingvist.


  • Designed to assist you in learning real-world phrases
  • Game parts to create learning a lot of fun
  • Lots of content for every language


With all of the learning apps accessible on the market these days, it is often troublesome to understand that one is true for you. First, decide last time what language you wish to be told. Every app includes a restricted range of languages accessible.

Some languages, like Spanish, French, and German, are seemingly accessible on any app; however, different, less common languages may well be tougher to seek out. Knowing what language you wish to be told can assist you in slimming down the app.



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