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Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 – Design, Features, Games, and More

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 – Design, Features, Games, and More

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Microsoft has an update for their premium controller, and it comes in the form of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2.

It is a controller for hardcore gamers because it’s priced not for the faint of heart.

What are the Design and Features?

The new controller visibly changes little over the previous Xbox Elite controller, with a few tweaks to the style.

Most of the body avoids the shiny metallic accents found in the original, rather than a darker metal. Gone are also the green accents of the original. It is a strictly monochrome affair for the Elite Series 2.

It has some new additions. Also adds Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the controller to work wirelessly with more computers and mobile devices.

However, the 3.5mm headphone jack will not handle audio while connected via Bluetooth. It too has profile indicator lights and a USB Type-C connection.

The controller arises in a carrying case and includes a wireless charging pad that attaches to the point and magnetically hangs from the controller.

The charging pad works both on the outside and inside of the case. As there is a small port to allow a USB to connect to the back of the case.

In terms of shape, the Elite Series 2 is similar to its predecessor (and the standard Xbox One controller), but the grips are different.

The controller palm grips have a diamond-textured rubber material all the way around. An update from the material that previously only appeared on the underside of palm grips. The critical body has a soft-touch covering.

Like its precursor, the Elite model adds a few extra buttons to the controller’s undercarriage in the form of four paddles. It gives everything but the little fingers something to do while you play. It also has an outline switch button.

The Elite controller opinions out thanks to its customization choices. All buttons can be remapped, so if you don’t like jumping with A, you can jump with a bumper.

The reason they all come off is that they can be exchanged differently. It has the added effect of allowing individual parts of the controller to be replaced if they are broken. So a damaged thumb doesn’t need a completely new controller.


  • Microsoft would expect the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller to substantially improve your gaming experience compared to the primary controller.
  • Anyone who threw in $ 179 for the controller would expect that too. And, in a way, it can.
  • The most immediate benefit I found is the ability to shorten the trigger travel. While playing The Outer Worlds, watching and shooting an enemy happened much faster.
  • And that’s not even a fast-paced game. In a fast-paced shooter like Call of Duty Modern Warfare, hair triggers could make the difference between shooting first and getting shot.
  • It also saves my fingers some additional strain when trying to fire a semi-automatic weapon quickly.
  • Other small customization tweaks proved convenient for different gaming experiences. I enjoyed swapping the standard left stick for the dome while playing Dead Cells.
  • As the standard’s inside edge became awkward after radically changing directions in my fight to stay alive.
  • The faceted D-Pad felt better to use in most cases, especially as it relates to quarter turns of any fighting game. It was also sensitive on Dead Cells, but I preferred the softer thumb feel.


  • Priced at $ 179, it’s almost the price of a new Xbox One S, and it costs more than similar Scuf Elite and Scuf Prestige Xbox controllers.
  • At the same time, it offers a greater degree of versatility than the standard $ 59 Xbox One controller.

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