Who Are the Biggest Lottery Winners of All Time?

Have you ever wondered about winning the lottery? Indeed, when it comes to winning the lottery, we all like to think that we could one day be lucky enough to win a couple of million. The National Lottery alone has made over 5,000 winners into overnight millionaires since it was launched – that’s no small number! However, if winning the lottery alone wasn’t a lucky enough feat in and of itself, there are a handful of people who became even luckier and were among the biggest lottery winners of all time!

The Biggest Lottery Winners of All Time

The thought of winning the lottery is one that fills most of us with elation – but generally speaking, we only think of winning a couple of million on the lottery. For a small number of exceptionally lucky individuals, though, lotteries would quite literally change their life forever, and these individuals would go on to become some of the biggest lottery winners to ever buy a ticket!

But who were these exceptionally lucky individuals, and what did they do with their incredible winnings? Well, today, we’ll be taking a look at the biggest lottery winners – and who knows? Someone’s got to win the big money, so it could still be you! Indeed, one of the biggest online lottery winner was a EuroJackpot player; so, it’s not completely impossible that you could one day win too!

For this list of the biggest winners of all time, we’ll only be considering European draws, so the massive Powerball wins won’t be listed here for the time being. Also, as per the Sunday Times, it takes $100 million to become one of the 1000 richest individuals in the UK – so, those are the considerations we’ll be looking at for our list of the biggest lottery winners to ever win a draw!

#1 Colin and Chris Weir

Coming in at first on our list of the biggest lottery winners of all time are Colin and Chris Weir, who were lucky enough to achieve a staggering win of over £160 million. The pair achieved this massive haul back in 2011 and would go on to become some of the biggest lottery winners to ever win on the Euromillions! Indeed, not only have these two become the biggest winners in the UK, but they are in fact the biggest lottery winners in the entirety of Europe! Their staggering win on the EuroMillions propelled them to the 627th richest person in the country.

#2 The Bayfords

Next up on our list of the biggest ever lottery winners in the United Kingdom are the Bayford family, who won the second-biggest price on the lottery ever of £148 million – no small sum of money!

#3 Anonymous Winner

Becoming a lottery winner can transform your life, but for those individuals who don’t want the lavish lifestyle, it’s crucial that you remain entirely anonymous. Such is the case for the individual who was lucky enough to win the third largest prize in the UK. Indeed, though we don’t know who they are, the third largest winner walked away with a massive prize of £113 million – certainly enough to retire comfortably on!

#4 Neil Trotter

Coming in at fourth on our list of the biggest winners in the UK of all time is Neil Trotter, who is also the most recent winner on our list. Indeed, Neil Trotter became a multi millionaire and one of the biggest winners ever when he won £107 million.

#5 Dawes

As the final winner on our list of the biggest winners of the lottery, Dawes was fortunate enough to win a massive sum of £101 million, just firmly putting them in that list of the top 1000 richest people in the United Kingdom.

Honorable Mentions

As well as the individuals we’ve already mentioned, there are also a handful of other winners who have been so lucky as to win a massive sum of money on the lottery!  In fact, it’s not unheard of for lottery winners to win more than some of the most well-known names including Danial Radcliffe, Rober Pattison, Keira Knightley, Wayne Rooney, Rory McIlroy, and Andy Murray, just to name a few.


Winning the lottery is something that most of us can only dream of, but it’s not an impossibility! After all, even the biggest lottery winners of all time likely purchased their ticket with a flippant thought of, “I probably won’t win anyway.”

However, you’ve of course got to be in it to win it, and the potential rewards (if you happened to be so lucky) could be astronomical. So, this is absolutely something worth considering. Besides that, a lot of the revenue generated through lotteries goes to support good causes in your local community, so in some ways, perhaps we are all winners really?

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