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What Makes an Android Management Software Unique to Corporate use?

What Makes an Android Management Software Unique to Corporate use?


Android is taking the world by storm. It is giving tough competition to other operating systems by offering various facilities to the users. An Android Management Software (AMS) is software that helps in successfully adopting Android devices for work.

Why is there a Need for Android Mobile Device Management Software?

Ever wondered why Android Mobile Device Management is needed in an enterprise? The world has taken a drastic shift from the traditional workplace where people were using the company’s desktops for work. With everything going online, corporations are offering their employees increased mobility options. People use their phones or tablets for browsing and  accessing their emails, documents, and operations, etc. Therein lies the need for Android Mobile Management Software:

1. Security

With mobility, security is a critical issue. Employees accessing corporate data on-the-move jeopardizes data security.. Android Mobile Management Software helps in protecting data and retaining control over the confidential information. If your mobile device gets stolen, such software can lock the device to prevent unauthorised access to data. Organisations can adopt comprehensive security-oriented measures with Android Management Software.

2. Increasing efficiency

This software can perform different activities from one management dashboard. It ultimately reduces the time and cost of IT deployment. It can install, update applications and policies, and remove access from employees who are no longer involved. The organisation can also increase its efficiency through proper mobile device management.

3. Inventory Management

It allows you to manage your devices, apps, and content from one place. You can get a complete overview of the device inventory.

4. Tracking and reporting

The software helps in tracking device usage, apps installation, battery usage reports, etc. This is how you will be able to keep track of their lifecycles.

5. GPS Tracking

Mobile Device Management solution also allows GPS tracking of Android devices. Organisations can track the previous location of users and their android devices. If devices get lost, the software will help in finding the location of the mobile device.

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Types of Android Mobile Device Management

There are two types of Android Mobile Device Management based on their ownership:

1. Employee or Personally Owned Devices

These are the personal Android mobile devices of employees. They can use it for both personal and work-related purposes. IT can only access the work container profile. The data is segregated into work and personal containers/folders.

2. Company-Owned Devices

As the name suggests, these devices owned by the company. Employees can use it for work-related purposes only. The organisation has complete control over these devices, unlike personal devices. data is more secure under this model.


Android Management Software is the need of the hour. . It is a powerful IT tool that can help secure, monitor and manage Android Mobile devices, regardless of device ownership.

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