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We the People Holsters Reviews The Difference Between Guns in Movies and Guns in Real Life.

We the People Holsters Reviews The Difference Between Guns in Movies and Guns in Real Life.

Do you love action movies? Are you also feel excited like me whenever you saw your favourite hero holding a gun in their hand and shoot the villains but do you know that the guns you are seeing in the movies are mostly not real, yes! Indeed, the guns that are used in action movies are specially designed for use in movies not for real life. Scenes of guns appearing in films and plays are only shown to attract the public. Today, in this article let’s see the difference between guns in movies and in real life as shared by We the People Holsters review.

Types of guns used in the movies:

Several types of the gun are used in movies for different purposes, therefore, to explain in more detail I have curated a list of guns used for shooting purposes so let’s take a look below.

Prop gun.

Prop gun

A prop gun means a prop that is specially designed to use for shooting. Of course, the guns that appear in some movies and dramas are real, however, they were modified for shooting … but in many films, only fake guns are used.

The main reason for this is to shoot safely. Shooting an empty cartridge with an actual gun-based prop gun involves some danger. In some cases, an accident occurred. Also, there are often restrictions based on the city or town where the shooting is performed, in which case you must apply for and be approved for permission to use the actual gun.

As the process is complex, there are cases where shooting is done only with non-firearm. So just because a movie is based on action does not mean that all the guns that appear in the movie are actual. In my thought, actual guns should not be used in films and plays. Therefore, prop guns based on model guns and air guns and special prop guns for shooting are the right choice from the shoot.

Airsoft gun and model gun.

Airsoft gun and model gun

Airsoft guns and model guns are the types of a toy gun. A model gun is a model that resembles the actual gun’s appearance and material mechanism, on the other hand, an airsoft gun can shoot BB bullets using compressed air. The airsoft gun looks like an actual gun, but the materials are completely different. These types of airsoft guns include “gas gun”, “electric gun”, and “air cocking gun”.

Rubber Gun.

Rubber guns are considered as fake guns, this type of gun is made up of rubber material. This kind of gun is not used as the main weapon in shooting an action scene. They are mostly used in background scenes. Rubber guns are somehow expensive however, it doesn’t appear as real whenever we saw it closely.

Function Gun.

Function guns are also like a toy gun which are designed in such a way that it looks like a real gun. Whenever we saw it on a big screen it feels like we are seeing a real gun however, in reality, they are not real as they are not able to fire. This type of gun is mostly used for a scene where an actor needs to fire someone.


I hope this article clear all your doubt regarding the difference between a real gun and the guns that are used in movies, therefore, next time when you come back to your home after watching an action movie then do not try those gun stunts in your home as it will prove to be dangerous for you or your closed ones. Hope you enjoy this article, for reading more such kind of interesting articles keep updated with us.

Review We the People Holsters Reviews The Difference Between Guns in Movies and Guns in Real Life..

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