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Time to Rise: 5 Luxury Watches of Nomos Glashutte You Should Purchase Today

German watch companies are known for their sleek designs and unique mechanisms, which help the user fully optimize their watch features. Nomos Glashutte is one of the oldest watch companies in the watch industry, and a lot of watch lovers are buying their products because of the quality they have.

Luxury watches are considered the best dress watch anyone can wear because they can add beauty and confidence to the person wearing them. Nomos Glashutte has tons of wonderful timepieces in their collection, which is good news for watch collectors. Here is a list of the top 5 luxury watches of Nomos Glashutte you should purchase today.

Nomos Glashutte Zurich Braungold

If you’re aiming to look simple yet classy at the same time, then the Nomos Glashutte Zurich is the timepiece for you. This luxury dress watch is perfect for any occasion, and it can be paired with any type of clothing. The simplistic design of this watch is what makes it the best accessory to wear every day.

Nomos Watches are famous for their precision and features. This watch’s leather strap is very durable, and it’s very comfortable and light on the wrist. It has a transparent casing on the back, making it possible for the person wearing it to see the mechanisms inside. The silver hands blend well with the brown dial, and it has a power reserve of 43 hours.

Nomos Glashutte Orion 38 Midnight Blue

The Nomos Glashutte Orion 38 is a must-have dress watch because of the exquisite color combination it has. The blue dial matches the black leather and silver casing it has. You can mix and match this with your casual or formal outfits. It’s the perfect accessory for those people who love to keep a low-key look.

It’s only 38mm big, meaning it’s not that heavy on the wrist, and the strap doesn’t easily break because of the high-grade materials it has. It also is resistant to water, so you won’t have to worry about it acquiring damage from getting wet. The hands are coated with gold color, and the steel casing is rustproof.

Nomos Glashutte Tetra Plum Manual-winding

One of the latest ladies watches in the collection of Nomos Glashutte is the Tetra Plum. This luxury timepiece was released in the year 2020, and a lot of watch enthusiasts are eyeing this one because of the vibrant and astonishing design it has. The Tetra has manual-winding movement that is very easy to navigate since its features are not that complicated.

If you don’t have any idea how much this watch costs, you’ll think that this is just an ordinary watch and not a luxurious one because of the minimalistic and simplistic appearance it has. The material used for its strap is all high-quality leather, and the steel casing is equipped with materials that prevent it from rusting or fading.

Nomos Glashutte Ludwig Neomatik 1st Edition

The Ludwig Neomatik of Nomos Glashutte is a state-of-the-art timepiece because of the sleek and magnificent looks. It has a Caliber DUW 3001 movement, and there are 27 jewels embedded in it which explains why it’s a bit expensive. Unlike its predecessor, it has a longer power reserve time, and its strap is made out of genuine leather.

The front glass and the back casing are all equipped with sapphire crystal which helps prevent scratches from damaging it, and it also has a water-resistant feature. This timepiece is very easy to use, and it’s unisex. The Ludwig Neomatik can be an ideal gift to your loved ones, and it can also be an excellent addition to the collection you have.

Nomos Glashutte Autobahn Neomatik 41 Date Sports Gray

If you’re planning on buying a sports watch that can also be a dress watch at the same time, then you should check the Nomos Glashutte Autobahn Neomatik 41. This watch has all the basic features of a timepiece, and it has a sporty vibe that goes well with any outfit you’re going to wear.

The skeletonized hands are rhodium plated that is equipped with a unique material called SuperLuminova. It has an accurate date window, and the design is very simple. It may look cheap at first but don’t be fooled, for it’s actually expensive. This ordinary-looking luxury watch has luminous materials in it that activate when you’re in low-light places.


Collecting luxury watches such as the ones listed above can be a good investment for your future. It can also be a fun hobby, but it’s not for everyone. If you want to own one, you will need to make sure that you’re financially secured so that you won’t have any problems upon purchasing the product.

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