S20 Ultra – Release Date, Price, Screen, Design, and More

S20 Ultra

Galaxy S20 Ultra is Samsung’s primary Android phone and its boldest selling point. You can have the world’s most advanced 5G phone.

With massive camera space if you’re prepared to spend more money than ever on a non-foldable smartphone.


  • Initial release date: March 6 in the US and Australia
  • The UK won’t receive the phone until a week later, on March 13.
  • 128GB + 12GB RAM: $ 1,399 / £ 1,199 / AU $ 1,999
  • 512GB + 16GB RAM: $ 1,599 / £ 1,399 / AU $ 2,249

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra launch date is Friday March 6 in the US and Australia, or March 13 in the UK, alongside the S20 and S20 Plus.

The S20 Ultra costs a staggering $ 1,399 / £ 1,199 / AU $ 1,999, which is more than any non-folding smartphone we’ve tested in the past.

And that price is only for the version with 128GB of internal storage and 12GB of RAM.

If you think you may need 512GB of onboard storage and mind-blowing 16GB of RAM.

The price of the S20 Ultra goes up to $ 1,599 / £ 1,399 / AU $ 2,249. Sadly, there is no 256GB in-between version, which most video shooters may want.

However, some good news: you probably won’t need to maximize storage, given our increasingly accelerated move to the cloud.

The fact that 5G connectivity will allow you to extract stored data remotely easily. Additionally, all S20 models have a microSD slot to expand storage up to 1TB should you reach the built-in capacity.


  • 6.9-inch AMOLED display with smooth-looking 120Hz refresh rate
  • 120Hz option only works in Full HD + to save battery
  • It is a tall phone, although not as wide as the 6.8-inch Note 10 Plus

Samsung’s 6.9-inch screen will push the limits of your fingertips and thumb skill, yet it won’t feel much larger than the S10 Plus:

  • Its width is slightly smaller than the Note 10 Plus. 6.8-inch and 6.7-inch Galaxy S10 5G.
  • It’s just that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is noticeably taller, not wider, expanding to a 20: 9 aspect ratio. You can still grab it with one hand and shove it deep enough into a jeans pocket.
  • Just know you’ll have to operate it with both hands to touch all corners of the screen comfortably. Is big; it’s just not as big as its 6.9-inch screen suggests.
  • We found the Super AMOLED display to be bright and pixel-dense with its 3200 x 1440 QHD resolution, but it also looks excellent at the default Full HD + resolution.
  • The lower resolution saves battery life, and the spoiler is the only resolution you can experience the 120Hz screen refresh rate. Which is not yet supported by QuadHD.
  • That’s okay – we tended to favor Full HD + with 120Hz on rather than lowering the refresh rate to 60Hz.
  • Samsung combines pure gaming phones like the Asus ROG Phone 2 and Razer Phone 2 with this refresh rate.
  • And the fluidity of the screen makes playing fast-paced games and even scrolling through Instagram feel better.
  • We appreciate that Samsung has found a way to cut a smaller hole for its front camera in the screen’s top center.
  • And selfies look better than before, and say goodbye to that wide dual-lens selfie camera on the S10 Plus. As there is only one camera built into this screen.
  • The software handled depth-sensing well, which casts doubt on why you need a depth camera on the Ultra plus back.


  • You only get two Ultra colors: Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Black
  • Less screen curve, but accidental touches persist
  • Camera bump and 1mm extra girth are not a bother

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is making glass and aluminum, there is no ceramic version this year, and it comes in only two colors:

  • Cosmic gray and cosmic black.
  • The Cloud Blue color is exclusive to the S20 and S20 Plus, while Cloud Pink is an option with the smaller S20 size. Which is a shame for Ultra owners who want an additional flash.
  • There is still a curve at the right and left edges of the displays, although it is much less pronounced than previous S phones.
  • Sadly, that doesn’t mean fewer accidental near-bezel-less screen presses – Samsung doesn’t have excellent palm rejection software yet.
  • So when we touch the edges with our grip and press the shutter button in the camera app.
  • The phone always thought we were trying to activate multi-touch and zoom in, rather than pushing a single button. Palm creep very real on this phone.

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