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Questions for the interview: SAFe agile

Questions for the interview: SAFe agile

Depending on the right kind of certification is very much important in the life of people and one of the greatest possible certifications in the world of the agile framework is the SAFe certification because this is the leading certification in this industry. The certification has been utilised by people across different kinds of industries and has been directly designed for continuous business development. SAFe is a very fast-growing field with agile which is the main reason that having relevant certification in this particular area will help in boosting the career prospects of the people very easily. Hence, this is considered to be one of the best possible certifications and it is very much important for the people to be clear about different kinds of questions asked in the interview at the time of appearing for SAFe agilist certification.

Following are some of the very basic questions asked in the interview about which the candidate should be thoroughly prepared:

  • What are the agile framework and list some of the frameworks?

 Agile is the methodology that will always help in promoting continuous development as well as testing throughout a particular project. It will give a great boost to the rapid and flexible response to any kind of change and some of the commonly utilised frameworks include lean development, scrum and SAFe.

  • How do agile and SAFe frameworks be different from each other and what are the four core values of SAFe?

Agile is considered to be a very broader term because it will be covering different kinds of frameworks and out of which one framework is the SAFe. The four principles of the SAFe are:

  1. The alignment will be to keep the speed with rapid changes
  2. The built-in quality which will be every element should be up to the best quality standards
  • Transparency makes sure that there should be reliability and trust
  1. Execution of program so that delivery can be continuous and efficiently undertaken
  • What are the various dimensions of building quality?

These will be flow, architecture and design and quality, code quality, system quality and the release quality

  • What are the different levels of the SAFe?

The four levels of the SAFe version are explained as:

  1. The team that will involve a small team of 5-10 people in terms of delivering the working system in two weeks
  2. The program will be including multiple teams who will be working together including all the stakeholders and will also be known as agile release train.
  • Value stream will be the collaboration between the solutions architect and the value stream engineer who will be acting as a guide in the whole process
  1. A portfolio will be the collection of different kinds of value streams and the portfolio manager will be responsible for delivering the best possible results over here.

Apart from all the above-mentioned points the candidates also need to be well-versed with the metrics used in the world of SAFe that will be a portfolio, large solution, program and team. Hence, being clear about all the above-mentioned SAFe agile interview questions is vital for the people so that they appear confidently in the interview and can utilise this framework very efficiently in the coming years to make the right decisions.



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