PS5 Controller – Design, Battery Duration, Price, and More

PS5 Controller

Essentially, although it may not seem like it at first glance, the DualSense Controller is based on the PS5 Controller.

Easily the best Controller in PlayStation history so far. It just takes everything to another level.


  • The color has changed to a two-tone design to match the PS5 itself, while the volume is turned up and rounded a bit (almost Xbox shaped).
  • Though, the thumbsticks are in the same position, and there is still a touchpad on top. A lightbar also makes a comeback, albeit around the touchpad rather than on top.
  • Inappropriately, this means that it is not compatible with PSVR. Even though the VR headset is compatible with PS5, the camera cannot read the lightbar.
  • Still, it has motion sensors inside, so perhaps a future version of the PSVR could use motion detection instead.
  • The keys and D-pad are covered in clear plastic, but different colors are no longer visible on the iconic symbols. The grips are not very, well, grippy as they are quite soft.
  • The Controller adopts the USB-C standard, making it a charging port that will work with all kinds of cables.

Haptic feedback

  • A new feature extra to the DualSense Controller is in-depth haptic feedback. Rather than the simple rumble package found in controllers from many generations of games.
  • The DualSense includes actuators that provide the player with more tangible and adaptable feedback to immerse them in a game better.
  • Even the mildest in-game effects can give players more accurate feedback via the Controller. For example, driving on the ice feels different on Dirt 5 than driving on gravel.

Adaptive triggers

  • Lengthways with haptic feedback, the new Controller adopts adaptive triggers for the L2 and R2 buttons, which can resist your fingers and make the immersion even greater.
  • These represent the most comprehensive next-gen controller technology, with varying levels of force feedback for developers to implement in their games.
  • For example, if you are pulling a bowstring to fire and fire, the trigger may be easy to press initially, but it gets harder and requires more pressure as the string is pulling.
  • It is something to behold once you have your first time on the Controller.

Battery duration

Another big challenge for the PlayStation team was improving the rechargeable battery life on the latest Controller. That’s maybe one of the DualShock 4’s main caveats, and it’s great that it was addressing.

After our tests, we got around 12 hours of playtime with DualSense before completely sold out. That is comprising games that made heavy use of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

By comparison, the DualShock 4 peaked at around eight hours.

No “Share” button:

  • Yes, the Share button is gone. However, it has been replacing by a new “Create” button that is almost identical. It is even in the same place as before.
  • However, it releases a new Creation Studio tool that allows gamers to control their screenshots and capture videos.

Built-in microphone:

  • One thing that will please multiplayer/social players is the novel ability to chat in-game and with other companies without a headset.
  • Especially for short periods and when voice audio quality isn’t that important.
  • The DualSense comes with its own set of microphones built into the Controller, plus a mono speaker, as before. These are also used for the game, which the developers will no doubt explore further over time.

Backward compatibility:

  • 1 of the critical things to know about DualSense is that it marks a significant step forward for PlayStation controller technology. It means backward compatibility is a minor issue.
  • So you can’t use the DualShock 4 controllers on your old PS4 with PS5 controller games, although you can use one with PS4 titles that work through backward compatibility.
  • You can also use DualSense to play them, of course.
  • A DualSense supervisor will not work on a PlayStation 4 console.


  • Though you naturally get one in the box with the PS5, you can also buy a second DualSense for $ 69.99 / £ 59.99.
  • That’s a small increase over the cost of a DualShock 4, but it appears to be the order of the day with next-gen fittings and games (many titles cost around £ 70, for example).

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