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Pokemon Sword and Shield Review – Features, and More

Pokemon Sword and Shield Review – Features, and More

Pokemon Sword and Shield Review

Pokemon Sword and Shield review the “biggest” change is now obviously the & # 39; Dynamaxing.

I’ll be honest, beforehand playing sword and Shield, prepare to hate him. It sounded so cheesy and weird and irrelevant.

That been telling, Sword and Shield’s story explains well why Pokémon can get so big. Since it’s limited to gym battles, raid battles, and other exceptional circumstances, he never uses his welcome.

The History

  • For years people have wanted Game Freak to mix things up with Pokémon and Pokémon Sword and Shield.
  • It was clear that it was an attempt to move the series in a new direction while preserving the heart and soul. # 39, the series’s soul: capturing, sharing, and becoming the best living.
  • The results are very varied, and not everything sticks to the landing in Sword and Shield. Fortunately, the heart and soul of Pokémon still shines tirelessly.
  • Dynamax is surprisingly quite fun! Seeing an awkward giant version of your favorite Pokémon is never fun, and traversing the AI with your party associate is incredibly satisfying.
  • As a feature of the story mode, it works very well and updates this new generation’s experience.
  • Even if they use AI from your Dynamax, it is very predictable and easy to counter. What s & # 39; is more marveled at the destruction of shaking up valuable gameplay content of & # 39; the history.

All About The pokemon sword and Shield.

  • The Dynamaxing is only problematic for the competitive online battle community. It’s a balanced nightmare because it’s too difficult to predict when a Pokémon will be Dynamaxed.
  • In the right hands, a Dynamaxed Pokémon can quickly destroy half a team with low stamina, a casting strategy, and a counter plays out the window.
  • There is already a small group of Pokémon that seems capable of & # 39; Dynamaxing abuse and make the composition of the parts and the & # 39; less fun strategy development.


Another “feature” that I & # 39; I was ready for hate was the & # 39; & # 39 absence, a complete national Dex.

Although I do not care about sending death threats, much less Pokémon, I silently regretted that I could not integrate all the Pokémon that I had in my bank to the new generation. Games:

  • Would I prefer the National Dex is complete? Yes, I would, But the & # 39; & # 39 idea, a regional Dex is the new standard n & # 39; it’s not that hard to swallow that & # 39; a pill than I thought.
  • Sword and Shield have a black and white vibe where the new Pokémon takes center stage, and I enjoyed the designs, the unique punch, and the ideas that went into some of these Pokémon.
  • C & # 39; s & # 39; the most significant effort that I & # 39; saw Game Freak Pokémon create that move, abilities, different forms, evolution, etc. The toxtricité, a new first of its kind – Electric / Poison Pokémon – can evolve in two different ways depending on nature, each with its abilities and pool movements.
  • Applin, a Grass / Dragon Pokémon, depending on its version, can evolve in one of two different ways, each with basic stats suitable for attack or defense.
  • The more strategy and complexity there is concerning Pokémon with multiple forms, routes, etc., the better. The game can be used more reflection, and not less sword and shield book on this front.
  • While it is not reassuring if your favorite Pokémon was on the cutting block, the reduced pool of Pokémon means that Pokémon that have been left dead can come out of the shadows of other Pokémon.
  • It is not present in Sword and Shield, which have been rampant. Over the years, thanks to the power that has become more pronounced with each generation. That has passed to Sword and Shield.

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Review Pokemon Sword and Shield Review – Features, and More.

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