Oculus Quest Price – Mobile Perfection, Games May Be Limited, and More

Oculus Quest Price

Like the enormous Rift, Oculus Quest Price is designed to deliver a gaming experience with high fidelity audio and powerful graphics.

However, unlike the Oculus Go, Quest can also be capable of spatial mapping in a package designed 100 percent for mobile, thanks to a new technology called Oculus Insight.


  • While the Rift uses powerful processors and graphics cards to deliver an immersive virtual reality experience. Oculus claims it can bring the same quality experience to the Quest with more portable hardware.
  • Not only does the Quest get rid of cables for a truly immersive experience (you are not “chained” to anything in the physical world while navigating the virtual world).
  • But the viewer includes a mobile processor generally found in smartphones. The Quest uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, the processor that comes in the Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • At Oculus Connecting, through various games developing by the Oculus studio, Facebook creating demos to show what the Quest is capable of.
  • Some titles (which they assured will be available to consumers in the future) were Superhot VR, a first-person shooter.
  • Project Tennis Scramble, a sports game; Face Your Fear, an adventure full of scares; and Dead and Buried, a virtual reality version of the Laser Tag game of laser fighting.


  • The Oculus Quest will have its store, like the Rift, and you can purchase and organize your games directly from inside the virtual reality headset.
  • According to Oculus staff, users can also purchase games through an app, although the company did not demonstrate that process.
  • The staff mentioned that the Quest would have its Wi-Fi radio so that you can connect your headset directly to your home network.
  • However, initially, you will need your phone to install the Quest as if it were a wearable device. After that, you can do everything from the viewer.
  • While Oculus wants the developers to adapt Rift games for the Quest, we still don’t know how strong the software selection will be.
  • Oculus still has time to expand its offering, but considering how sparse VR content has been overall, this could be a significant problem. However, the games it does have are impressive.

The good

  • Comfortable
  • fit Flawless wireless experience
  • Six wraparound degrees of freedom
  • No headphones required

The bad

  • Expensive
  • It needs a new software library
  • Limited graphics performance

Oculus Quest versions and price

  1. The Oculus Quest will begin to reach first users from spring 2019.
  2. In the absence of knowing the currency exchange, they have a starting price of $ 399 for the 64GB storage model.
  3. It is thus positioning in the mid-range and completes the Oculus catalog.

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