Nintendo Switch V2 – Model Designed, New Switch vs. Original, and More

Nintendo Switch V2

Basically can’t tell the change between the original Nintendo Switch model and the Nintendo Switch V2.

When located side-by-side unless you look at their model numbers, they look virtually identical to each other but operationally, they function very similarly with only a few differences.

Is the new model designed differently from the original?

  • Upon opening the box, the only instant difference I discovered, aside from the new model number, was the Joy-Cons and central console’s new look.
  • I’ve secondhand my original Switch for hundreds if not thousands of times, so it looked a little worn down in comparison.
  • If we eliminate the shell around the central console and compare the interior with the original Switch, there are some slight changes.
  • Nonetheless, it’s the same for the most part. The main changes take place with the system-on-chip (SoC) and the NAND memory or flash storage.
  • I haven’t seen a significant difference in loading times or gameplay while using the new Switch versus the original one.

New Switch vs original How long does the battery actually last?

The Nintendo website states that the original Switch lasts approximately 2.5 to 6.5 hours while the new Switch with a more extended battery lasts about 4.5 to 9 hours on one charge.

Here gaming company further clarifies that while playing The Legend of Zelda:

  • Breath of the Wild, 1 of the Switch’s most battery demanding games, the original Switch lasts about 3 hours, whereas the new Switch lasts about five a d a half hours.
  • I wanted to see just how precise Nintendo’s claims were. So I clutched both my original Switch and the new model and then played one afterward, the other in handheld mode.
  • I set them to similar brightness settings and turned on airplane mode on also device.

Factual to Nintendo’s claim, I was able to play Legend of Zelda:

  • A sniff of the Wild for roughly 3 hours on my original Switch. And nearly precisely five and a half hours on the shiny new model.
  • I’ll tell you that person’s extra two and a half hours of playtime with the new Switch. Allow me to do quite a bit more to saving Hyrule before the battery called it quits.

New Switch vs original Are the Joy-Cons different?

  • If you eliminate the shell from the new model’s Joy-Cons and look inside, you’ll see a few changes.
  • For 1 thing, the antenna has been moved to a new location. It prevents connectivity issues experienced with older Joy-Con models.
  • I’m happy about this change, considering that my original Switch’s left Joy-Con.
  • Disconnects all the time (typically at the worst possible moments like when I’m fighting a boss).
  • Since getting the new Switch, I’ve never once had a connectivity issue with the new controllers.

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