Nintendo joy con Repair – Clean and Repair Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.

Nintendo joy con Repair

Here is a complete solution for the Nintendo joy con repair. Suppose they are not under warranty and as a final solution.

Before sending them to Nintendo technical service, many Switch users have met numerous setbacks in the Joy-Con process.
Particularly with the left, because of the so-called Joy-Con Drift.

Of course, if you have glitches with the Switch controls and are still under warranty, Nintendo’s idea is to take care of these repairs.

How to clean and repair Nintendo Switch Joy-Con?

First step will be to check the Joy-Con calibration with the console to rule out possible compatibility faults via software.

However, go to the console Settings and access Controls Sensors. And, now click on the option Update the Joy-Con and Recalibrate the sticks. If the problem is not solved, keep reading.

Next step will be to clean the private of the sticks, accumulate dust and dirt after a long time of use, and affect the posts’ correct functioning.

It will be necessary to have some thin metallic tweezers and some contact cleaner. The method is straightforward.

We will only have to pull the stick up with the tweezers until a plastic surface is uncovering apply a little cleaner there. If the problem persists, keep reading.

The Final Steps:

  • Third and final step before sending the faulty Joy-Con for repair will be to try to replace the stick yourself. It is a risky option and one that we must do only if we can do so.
  • Of course, repair kits are sold with all necessary to carry out the process, though we must have a little pointer to do it correctly.
  • To do this, we must expose the damaged Joy-Con with a small screwdriver and disassemble its interior through several steps, such as removing the battery.
  • Discover the internal plate by releasing a second plastic protector, disconnecting the stick from the container, and finally replacing it with the new one.
  • We must be cautious not to damage any internal component. If this does not solve the problem, it will be time to send the Joy-Con to Nintendo technical service.

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