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Mobile Apps to Try on your Paddleboarding Journey

Some technological advances in recent years have made stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) more affordable, accessible, and popular than ever before. For instance, improvements in inflatable design have increased the portability and capacity of paddleboards. And mobile technology isn’t far behind, in this domain.

With every passing day, new and exciting SUP-specific apps are being designed, and they can perform a variety of functions. Whether you want to find the best SUP destinations near you or get paddleboarding advice from an Olympian, there is an app out there that can help you do that. You can also find marine GPS navigation apps, logbook apps for your favorite SUP adventures, fitness monitoring apps, and apps for real-time weather forecasts.

So, if you’re a paddleboarding enthusiast, it’s time to start using this technology to your advantage. Read on to know more about some of the best SUP-specific apps that you should download to your smartphone today!

Best Apps for Stand-Up Paddleboarding

1. Paddle Logger

One of the most popular SUP apps currently available, Paddle Logger can be used to keep accurate track of all your paddling adventures, and to share your stats and photos with friends over social media. All you have to do is hit the start button before jumping into the water with your paddleboard. This app is recommended for paddleboarders of all skill levels, from beginners to expert athletes and beyond.
The app will create a comprehensive log of your SUP trip, complete with your SUP route, heart rate data, nautical miles tracking, and other relevant information. If you want, you can add photos, trip maps, and notes to this log. You can then share your SUP trip data on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms through the app.

2. Geo SUP

This popular paddleboarding app comes with a plethora of interesting features. It will allow you to record your stand-up paddleboarding sessions by distance travelled, time spent in the water, weather conditions, and average speed. Moreover, you can use the app to keep track of your favorite SUP destinations, as it is capable of recording the locations where you take photos and videos. This feature can be turned on or off, according to your preferences.

One of the most popular features of GEO SUP is that it provides satellite and outline maps that’ll help you keep track of your paddling route. The built-in personal profile is another popular feature that helps keep a log of your paddleboarding activities and favorite destinations. There is also a ranking system to facilitate performance comparisons between all the paddleboarders using the app.

3. Go Paddling

If you’re new to SUP and want to find all the best locations for paddleboarding in your area, then this is the perfect app for you. Not only will it help you find the best paddleboarding destinations in your vicinity, the Go Paddling app will even provide you with a comprehensive list of the ideal locations from which to launch your SUP board.
There are more than 25,000 SUP destinations to choose from on this app, so finding new and exciting locations to indulge in your favorite water sport will never again be an issue. Additionally, the app provides driving directions and GPS coordinates – along with an in-built map – to help you get to the destination of your choice.

4. RiverApp

If you’re planning to go paddleboarding in your local river, then you need to know what the water levels are going to be at the time of your trip. The water level in a river is in constant flux, so this is vital information that you cannot do without. If the water level is too high, the currents might be too strong for you to handle. On the other hand, if it is too low, you could damage your SUP board trying to navigate the shallow river waters.

RiverApp can provide the perfect solution to this problem, by allowing you to monitor the river conditions from the comfort of your own living room. It provides detailed information about more than 20,000 rivers in North America, enabling you to easily determine the best time to go paddleboarding on the river of your choice.

5. WindAlert

This app helps stand-up paddleboarders (and other water sport enthusiasts) by providing real-time updates on wind speed and direction. Favorable winds are essential for an exciting and safe SUP session. WindAlert can provide you with accurate, timely, and location-specific wind forecasting, enabling you to plan accordingly and to go paddleboarding only when the conditions are optimal.
More than 50,000 weather stations located around the world are using by WindAlert to compile its global wind forecast data. The app allows users to view nautical charts, create wind profiles, and receive wind alert notifications. Windsurfers and stand-up paddleboarders are some of the people who can benefit the most by installing this app.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know about all the mobile apps that can help you plan the perfect paddleboarding trip every time.

You need to gear up for your SUP adventures! Be sure to purchase only the highest quality SUP kits – including a board. An adjustable paddle, and an ankle leash – from a trusted manufacturer. This will ensure your safety and wellbeing while you’re riding the waves at your local lake, beach, or river.

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