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13 Magic Words & Phrases to Try in Your Facebook Ads for More Engagement

13 Magic Words & Phrases to Try in Your Facebook Ads for More Engagement

Facebook ads – Looking for new ways of improving the effectiveness of your ecommerce advertising strategy? The overall brand messaging becomes very important – however, it will come down to specific words or phrases that you use, with some terms & phrases that are shown to improve your audience response as well as a trigger client action.

Right words will make a huge difference

Words have the power to strike us for different reasons, and also play on our primitive instincts & hard-wired reactions seated on our emotions. Besides, words that are simple, direct, and arresting will have a profound impact.

However, it is our brains, where most of our primitive instincts stay, which make most of our important decisions. We will trigger that brain response just by using the right “power words”.

That goes true for the Facebook ads, words that grab attention & garner most of the engagements are:

  1. Comment
  2. Post
  3. Submit
  4. Take
  5. When
  6. Would
  7. Tell us
  8. Where
  9. Discount
  10. Should
  11. Because
  12. Now
  13. Only

Using the right words can nudge, push, or compel your audience to take the right action —as well as increase your content engagement, social media engagement, and audience engagement. When used in the right way, words will transform your posts to “What a fantastic!” Some more words that can create magic and are:

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‘You’ is still one of the highly powerful words used in advertising. It is easy and effective. The main reason why the work ‘you’ is so convincing is it is personal. Audiences feel that an ad is speaking straight to them & problems they would like to solve. For making your ads effective, you must go through & soften with ‘you’ & ‘your’.


‘Guarantee’ is yet another most influential word as it removes any doubt. When any customer or audience has got any hesitations regarding something, they will not convert. Placing the guarantee in an ad reassures them of moving ahead. The only caution is supporting your guarantee, or your credibility can get ruined.


People lookout for new things on regular basis: it can be new blogging methods, new software or application, new strategy ideas, new tools, new methods to earn money, new smartphone, and more. So, when you include the word, “new” in the blog posts, the readers can stay alert & excited, by knowing something new that they probably have not experienced before, which soon will get revealed to them.


Another word is ‘Best’ that has got amazing magical power, however, it needs to be used rightly. Suppose you use ‘best’ in your native advertising and without any research and awards to back up, people may ignore you. Just consider a few things that your brand or services will be best at (do not be subjective). Do you win the best performer award?


There is a secret that successful digital marketers will never tell you. You read the blog posts, and check out their training videos, still, you cannot know what the “secrets” are. They appear to have good Twitter engagement levels, plenty of Instagram followers, the best social media strategy, as well as good post engagement results – but you still do not know-how. It is a secret!

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