iPad Mini 5 – What’s Good, What’s not so Good, and More

iPad Mini 5

Apple’s iPad mini 5 lineup motionless sits atop the tablet kingdom more than a decade after the first device was released.

Nevertheless, the iPad Mini seems to be in a strange spot. Most of the market gravitates toward the top-of-the-line iPad Pro or the cheapest iPad.

At first glance, the iPad Mini feels like a worse buy with a higher price tag and a smaller screen.

Should I buy it?

  1. If you want a small tablet, there is no better option on the market. The iPad Mini blows the rivalry out of the water with a powerful processor.
  2. Light and compact design, bizarre battery life, and the best tablet operating system in iPadOS.
  3. Aimed at consumers that want a good tablet and don’t mind a larger size, the standard iPad offers incredible value.
  4. This iPad Air and iPad Pro are more luxurious, but they’re both among the best tablets money can buy.
  5. There’s too a small selection of right Android tablets for those who want to avoid Apple’s ecosystem, but none can truly match Apple’s offerings.

What’s good?

  1. Pardon drew me to the iPad Mini over the other options is its size. The first tablet I truly loved was the Nexus 7, and despite the OS change, this gave me the same experience.
  2. I required a smaller tablet to use for reading and occasional media consumption, and that’s precisely what I got.
  3. I, too, like that the base model originates with 64GB of storage.
  4. This quantity feels right for a tablet, which wants nowhere near as much space as a phone.
  5. The regular iPad’s base model has 32GB, and the 128GB iPad costs more than the inexpensive iPad Mini.
  6. On the first peep, the iPad Mini design could appearance dated with large bezels and a physical fingerprint reader/home button. Extra expensive models like the iPad Air and iPad Pro look much sleeker.
  7. Though, in this case, smaller bezels would reduce the serviceability of the device.
  8. It’s enjoyable to have some space to hold a tablet without unwanted taps, and I’m more than willing to give up a little screen real estate for it.
  9. The Battery life is also excellent. When interpreting or browsing the web for a few hours a night, the battery easily lasted for a week.
  10. Streaming video exhausted the battery a bit faster, but you can imagine to meet or exceed Apple’s promised 10-hour battery life.
  11. Popular terms of actually using the device, iPadOS has come a long way in recent years.
  12. Today has multitasking tools, mouse-and-keyboard support, widgets, and a host of other features that make it a waft to use.

What’s not so good?

  1. Those mentioned above dependable to find many negatives with the Apple iPad Mini 5, particularly considering the lack of rivalry in the space.
  2. Those mentioned earlier only real drawback is that it’s only well-matched with the first-generation Apple Pencil, which has an awkward charging method.
  3. It was into the bottom of the tablet and stuck straight out. However, both look ridiculous and renders the tablet virtually unusable.
  4. Separately from that, the dated design may turn away from consumers. Sure, Apple could have somewhat reduced the bezel sizes.
  5. It, too, could have switched to the more ubiquitous USB-C charging standard. Motionless, neither of these should be deal-breakers for those looking for a small tablet.

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