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How Much is Apple Tv? – Apple TV + Catalog, Cost, and More

How Much is Apple Tv? – Apple TV + Catalog, Cost, and More

How Much is Apple Tv

How much is Apple TV, the brand new streaming service that the company will launch in 2019? It is probable to reach more than 100 countries.

However, this Apple streaming platform will also include third-party content to provide its catalog with greater depth and variety in its attempt to outperform competitors such as Netflix or HBO.

How does Apple TV Plus work?

The Apple TV Plus is a subscription service with exclusive content and the presence of big names. Also, one of its recompences is that it will not include advertising.

Apple + content can be seen online and download to enjoy it without being connected to the Internet.

This service is independent of Apple  Channels, a space that the company wants to access to all the platforms to which a user is subscribed.

Apple TV + Catalog:

  • The Apple TV + grid mixes both its productions and third-party content, and there are already confirmed several series, movies, and programs that will be included in the catalog.

These are some of the Apple TV Plus series confirmed at the moment:

  • The Morning Show
  • Amazing Stories
  • See
  • Are You Sleeping?
  • Swagger
  • Little voice
  • Defending Jacob
  • Little America

Helpers: Children’s program developed by the producers of Sesame Street
Toxic Labor

Hala: film acquired by Apple during the Sundance film festival 2019

How to watch Apple TV +?

  • To watch, you will first need to have access to the Apple app. This application is available on Apple devices, and in time, it will also be available on smart TVs.
  • In this regard, the Apple app will first arrive on Samsung’s Smart TVs and, later on, other brands such as LG, Vizio, and Sony.
  • Also, Apple is expanding the catalog of devices from which you can watch Apple +. In this way, streaming devices like Roku and Amazon Fire will also play Apple content on other televisions.
  • To enjoy Apple television, you will need an Internet connection to access its application either to watch the content in streaming or to download it.

How much does Apple TV + cost?

  • Apple did not clarify the doubts about how much it costs, so we will have to wait for the platform’s official launch to know the price.
  • The cost of subscribing to TV Plus is expected to be similar to the streaming platforms it wants to compete with. That is, it will be around € 10.

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