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What is an Electric Hummer? – Excessive Power of CV, and More

What is an Electric Hummer? – Excessive Power of CV, and More

Electric Hummer

In February, GMC unveiled the project they had in hand to bring one of its most iconic models back to life and to which it was going to offer a second electric hummer chance.

It was the Hummer, that armored vehicle that has served in many of the wars. In which the US has been involved. And that would return to the market with a redesign of its appearance but, above all. They were embracing new electrical technologies.

What are the things you should know about Electric Hummer?

  • And all that happened just three months after the official presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck in November 2019, with those of Elon Musk convinced that they would have no rival in the market.
  • And the truth is that it will not be like that because it has been to show its appearance to users so that celebrities.
  • Like Lebron James, himself have published on their networks that they want to have one of these Hummer EVs as soon as possible.

What is the Excessive power of CV?

It was one of the few data that emerged in February when the Hummer EV became official: it will have a power of 1,000 hp that will allow it to reach 100 km / h.

In just three seconds. Yes, yes, you read that correctly. A beast of this size, with a weight that far exceeds that of any other model. Will have an acceleration worthy of some of the best sports cars in the world.

But their virtues do not end there, at least on paper. This Hummer EV will have a four-wheel drive thanks to its dual-motor technology (AWD). It will equip batteries that GMC calls Ultrium.

Which will offer users an estimated range of about 565 kilometers. Which is not bad for the first launch of a vehicle of these characteristics. These Ultium batteries that GMC presented last March seem to be quite exclusive because they allow their cells to be stored vertically or horizontally interchangeably.

It leaves room for engineers to better adapt to their available space and fully occupy it without the need to be limited to a single battery structure.

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This Hummer EV will have a steering system called “crab”:

  • In certain situations. All four wheels allow all four wheels to turn at the same angle to carry out diagonal movements. Facilitating maneuverability in extreme conditions. So much so that, in addition to that technology.
  • It will offer its users the ability to climb “18-inch verticals and [drive] through water that is more than 2 feet deep.”
  • Finally, and taking advantage of the electric revolution in cars. This Hummer EV will also have what GMC defines as UltraVision.
  • It is unknown more than a series of cameras covering the entire surface of the body (front and rear, side but also bottom), and that will allow drivers to avoid obstacles and hazardous objects to overcome.
  • This first generation of the Hummer EV will go on sale in autumn 2021 at a starting price of $ 112,595. About 95,000 euros to change.
  • However, the 2022 version expects to lower its price to $ 99,995, about € 85,000. The 2023 generation will be even cheaper with a starting cost of $ 89,995 (76,000 euros), and the fourth. In 2024, will be further reduced to $ 79,995 (67,500 euros).

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