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Dell XPS 15 Review – Design, Performance, and More

Dell XPS 15 Review – Design, Performance, and More

Dell XPS 15 Review

If you have required a fine Windows PC experience, the Dell XPS 15 Review range of laptops. Whether you choose up a 13-inch or 15-inch variant.

The XPS laptops do not compromise on presentation and form factor -a rarity in the world of Windows laptops.

One of the finest PC experiences.

I finally got my hands on the high-end version, courtesy of Dell.

Here XPS 15 9500 came to my desk as my primary workstation for just over two weeks, equipped with the Intel Core i7-10750H CPU and a luxurious 4K display.

Its particular variant costs Rs 2,18,495, which restricts this laptop for the well-heeled wandering around in business suits. Or, for the fancy gratified creators in glorious studios.

Though I don’t belong to either of these classes, I set it up as my primary work laptop, and after two weeks. I am consuming shard time parting with the XPS 15 9500.

Build & Design:

  • Here XPS is one of the very few Windows laptops compared to Apple’s MacBook lineup when it comes to sleekness and desirability.
  • Here XPS 15 is a bug 15-inch laptop, and yet, it is so slim that it starts bothering the MacBook Pro with its looks.
  • Healthy isn’t exactly wafer-thin as the design cleverly masks the bulk with its chrome-lined flat edges.
  • The base curves to house the internal mechanisms, imparting a sort of a floating effect.
  • The attendance of just three USB-C ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an SD card slot helps the XPS with its lean-&-trim design.
  • Alike to previous XPS models, the XPS 15 has a metallic lid and chassis made of aluminum.
  • However, the lid with its matte silver finish is good at hiding dust and smudges, making life more comfortable in a dusty country like ours.
  • Exposed the lid, and you will be received with a stunning carbon-fiber deck that’s coated with a soft-touch finish.
  • Each morning as I sat down during these monotonous WFH sessions, the carbon fiber finish cheered me up a little.
    Pardon cheered me up, even more, was the display. The XPS 15 9500.
  • In 2020 originates with a 15.6-inch 4K display with an HDR 400 rating, 100 percent Adobe RGB spectrum, and 94 percent DCI-P3 color gamut.
  • The feature ratio is set at 16:10, and there’s touchscreen input. The bezels are extraordinarily slim, especially at the bottom and all the other sides.
  • Here provision for auto-brightness functionality, and you get a rather average webcam positioned on the top.


  • Powering the Dell XPS 15 9500 is a 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H CPU that’s paired to 32GB DDR4 RAM as well as a 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD storage.
  • It variant originated with the NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti graphics card with 4GB of VRAM. The laptop innings on Windows 10 Home out of the box.
  • Trendy my daily usage, the XPS 15 9500 had no trouble dealing with the office workloads.
  • Rudimentary PC stuff such as writing documents, dealing with eight Google Chrome tabs simultaneously. Streaming music in the background.
  • By way of well as transferring big files from thumb drives did not bother this laptop during my time with it. It was despite the resolution set to 4K for all the tasks.

Is the Dell XPS 15 9500 worth it?

  • Here Dell XPS 15 9500 is one of the finest Windows laptops you can have on your desk today.
  • The previous versions set a benchmark for premium ultrabooks, and the updated XPS 15 9500 extends it to another level.
  • It is built exclusively well, has a superb display (if you opt for the 4K display). Performs adequately, and has decent battery life.
  • Aimed at content makers, you will like the audio-display package of the XPS 15. That supposed I would have liked Dell to offer a better GPU.

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Review Dell XPS 15 Review – Design, Performance, and More.

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