Convert, Merge, And Compress PDF Files Swiftly Using PDFBear

There are only a few web-based tools that you can surely trust. One of those few tools is the PDFBear. It has the quickest option for converting, merging, and compressing your PDF file without affecting your file’s quality. To know more about these tools, you can check out these easy-to-follow procedures:

File Format Conversion Tool

There are various reasons why people use an MS Word document format. One reason is that MS Word can easily be edited, and it is easy to access. However, the downside is that whenever you open an MS Word file from other devices that don’t have a similar MS Word version, your file’s format can be changed.

Also, you cannot use an MS Word file format when printing a file. Most important formats such as lines, texts, and indentions can be altered when printing in Word format. These are some of the reasons people prefer to convert their Word document format into a PDF file.

If you have already decided to transform your file into a PDF format, you need to look for a reliable tool to alleviate this task. Using PDFBear’s file conversion tool, converting Word to PDF can easily be done. PDFBear uses sophisticated technology to convert your files without affecting their quality. With PDFBear, file conversion would be an easy task.

To start with the conversion procedures, you have to select a Word document file from your laptop or any device and place it in PDFBear’s tool. After the initial steps, all you need to do is sit and wait until the process is finished. PDFBear will start analyzing and converting your files. It will not take long if you have a strong internet connection.

Once the conversion is done, click the link of your file and download it. If you need other file formats such as Excel, PPT, and JPG to transform into a PDF format, you can follow the same steps. You can also make your PDF file converted into an editable file format. PDFBear ensures you the best possible result in converting your file formats.

How To Merge PDF Files

Many of you contain an enormous number of PDF files on your devices. Perhaps, your files are scattered all over various folders. With that, it will be hard for you to organize your files. Having many unused PDF files can make your device run slower since files consume spaces on your device.

One way to help you organize your unused PDF files is by merging these files. However, you cannot easily combine your PDF files. You must use an online tool to make this task easier for you. Using PDFBear’s PDF Merger Tool, you can easily integrate your PDF files using the swiftest steps.

To start merging your files, you must first look for the PDF files that you need to merge into a single document. After that, place the files in PDFBear’s tool. Once done, you can choose the available option on how you wanted to organize your PDF files. After, let PDFBear do the rest of the task.

PDFBear will analyze and merge your PDF files using PDFBear’s advanced technology. Merging your files can take a minute or more, depending on your internet connection. Once the merging of files is done, you can click the link of your newly merged PDF file and download it. Truly, PDFBear has made this a lot easier for you!

How To Compress PDF Files

If you have files that contain an enormous size, you probably have trouble sending them online. If this happens to you, your productivity at work surely decreases. An ideal way of dealing with large file sizes is by compressing them.

Using PDFBear’s Compress PDF tool, you can easily reduce your file size using the easiest and quickest possible way. To start the process, you have to select a PDF file from your device and place it in PDFBear’s system. Once done, you can choose the available option on how you wanted to compress your PDF file.

After that, PDFBear will start analyzing and compressing your files. In a minute, your files will be read. Once finished, you can now download your newly compressed PDF file. PDFBear ensures that the quality of your compressed file is almost identical to the original file.


PDFBear is among the few online tools that you can trust when altering your file formats. PDFBear offers you several features that you can use in modifying your file formats. Also, try to avail of their free trial now!

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