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What is Apple Wallet – Add Credit or Debit Cards, Boarding Cards, and More

Apple Wallet

Did you ever reflect that it would be wonderful to do without all the postcards you carry in your Apple Wallet and unite them all in one place?

Nowadays, it is possible, and on the iPhone, it has its name: Apple Wallet. Wallet (formerly known as Passbook) is an application that iOS for iPhone includes by default.

With it, you can carry your debit or credit cards compatible with Apple Pay, loyalty cards from different establishments, tickets, boarding passes, etc.

How can we add credit or debit cards to your iPhone Wallet?

  • The first step to use it is to add your compatible credit or debit cards to the application.
  • And thus be able to use them to pay for your purchases at any establishment where ContactLess payments are accepted (in the case of Spain, most sites that accept cards).

To add a card, you must do the following:

  • Exposed the Wallet app and tap on the + icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Continue in the new window that will appear.
  • Focus on the card you want to add with the iPhone camera. It will automatically detect the numbering (if it does not do so automatically.
  • You can enter the data manually by tapping on the option Enter the information manually that appears at the bottom).
  • Check that the data that the iPhone has detected is correct (you probably have to type your full name) and then clack Next in the upper right corner).
  • Enter the expiration date and the security code (the CVV, three digits that appear on the back) of the card and press Next.
  • Recite and accept the terms and conditions to continue with the activation process.
  • It will contact the bank’s servers to which the card is associated, and if everything is correct, it will ask you to verify the card with an SMS that you will receive on the phone related to the card by clicking on the Next button.
  • As soon as you receive the SMS, Wallet will detect the verification code. It includes and will finish the verification process (if the associated number is in another terminal, you will consume to enter the code manually).

How to add loyalty cards, boarding cards, or tickets to Wallet?

  • In the case of loyalty cards, boarding cards, tickets, or other types of cards, the process is different and can be presented in several different ways.
  • However, in some cases, you will have to read a QR code that the card issuer sends you.
  • In most cases, what you will have to do is click on a link that you will receive by email or directly on the issuer’s website, and it will automatically open Wallet, and it will stretch you the choice to add the card.

How to use Wallet cards on iPhone?

  • Once you have registered your cards in Wallet, it is time to use them. Doing it is simple, and there are two different ways : With the iPhone locked.
  • If you have your iPhone locked and you want to make a payment with Wallet and Apple Pay or open a boarding pass, ticket, or similar, you must do the following.
  • Press the Home button 3 times to open Wallet or the on/off button twice for the iPhone Xs, Xr, and X.
  • Choice the card you want to use from the ones you have registered.
  • In the case of a credit or debit card, identify yourself with a Touch ID or Face ID and bring the iPhone to the payment terminal. With boarding passes, tickets, and more, but the screen over the reader can read the QR code. With the iPhone unlocked.
  • If you have your iPhone unlocked, you can also use Wallet to make a payment or use a membership card, boarding card, or similar. The process is the following.
  • Exposed the Wallet app and select the card you want to use.
  • If it is a credit or debit card, put your finger on Touch ID or identify yourself with Face ID and when the terminal indicates it, bring it to the payment device.
  • If you use a different type of card, get the screen closer to the reader.

How to delete a card from Wallet?

  • If you use Wallet, it is easy that over time cards or tickets that you no longer need will accumulate.
  • That is why eliminating them after the event (concert, movie screening, flight) is usually a good idea. To do this, you necessity do the following.
  • Access Wallet and select the card you want to delete.
  • Tap on the icon with the three dots (…) that will appear at the bottom of the screen. Just above the rest of the cards, you have in the app.
  • Now tap on the Delete card and confirm the new window’s deletion that you will see appear. Isn’t it a great option to lighten your Wallet.
  • After all, you always carry the iPhone with you, and with this option, you can continue using your cards without having to take them with you physically.

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